17 Year Old American Goes Full NFS as He Drifts on a Highway and Crashes Into a Cop Car

In a heart-pounding dashcam video captured in Fairfax County, Virginia, a routine traffic stop took a terrifying turn. A 17-year-old driver lost control of his BMW, as he sped at 120 mph in a 50 mph speed zone.

The incident, which occurred on May 1, unfolded in a matter of seconds. Thankfully, everyone involved escaped without serious injuries.

A split-second escape

At the beginning of the dashcam footage, an officer is conducting a seemingly routine traffic stop. He is standing on the passenger side of a vehicle, presumably investigating a traffic violation. Suddenly, the BMW M3, resembling a mere black dot, enters the frame at an astonishing speed.

The high-powered sports car loses control, swerving into a corner and crossing the median with its rear end leading the way.

The officer’s quick instincts kick in as he realizes the impending danger. With remarkable precision, he darts towards his patrol car, narrowly escaping the collision. The speeding M3 slams into the stopped vehicle, spinning it around. The car also grazed the officer’s leg and sent him flying down the road. However, the officer quickly leaps over the guardrail and calls for backup.

The video also features some moans of pain. However, it remains unclear whether these sounds came from the M3 or the individual in the stopped car. Fortunately, all parties involved got away relatively safely, as they suffered only minor injuries. The doctors later discharged them, indicating that they were on the mend.

A training tool for future safety

Fairfax County Police Chief Kevin Davis expressed his intent to utilize this video as a training tool. He commended the officer’s decision to approach the stopped vehicle on the passenger side and his lightning-fast reactions.

Davis shared his relief, stating that the officer was “just glad to be alive” and hoped he was at home, “relaxing with a lottery ticket in his pocket.

The police charged the 17-year-old driver with reckless driving. Instagram couldn’t contain itself, talking about the driver’s complete lack of control. While one user stated “He didn’t lose control, he didn’t have any to begin with”, others were commenting more on his obvious lack of drifting skills.

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