2 Years Before Fox Sports Role Alongside Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez Ended Longstanding Feud With Iconic Message: “One of the Greatest…”

Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter used to be one of the golden duos in MLB. Surprisingly, their friendship and feud etched their names in the sport’s history. Despite playing in the same team for years, fans still prioritize the $252M controversy over their friendly moments. Once, A-Rod even opened up to share his message with the media and fans.

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Since retirement, both the MLB legends have become successful business owners. However, it’s slightly different for A-Rod as he loves to be in mainstream media, unlike Jeter. The former appears for frequent interviews and shares moments of sports, business, etc., on social media. In a 2021 interview, Rodriguez candidly revealed his thoughts on Jeter after their 2001 controversy.

A-Rod Shared His Thoughts on Derek Jeter


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In interviews, controversial topics often come up, but A-Rod handled it wisely when he was asked about his relationship with the former Yankees Captain. Years after the feud, the 14xAll-Star sat for a session with David ‘Big Papi’ Ortiz and his co-host to talk about their baseball career. At a point, the discussion came to the Yankees legend’s relationship with his then-best friend, The Captain Clutch. Although the topic of discussion was pretty sensitive, A-Rod handled it well.

While praising Jeter and highlighting his respect for him, Alex said, “He’s a five-time World Champion. Look, we did some great things together. We’ll both be remembered for winning the Championship together in 09 and I’m glad we did that. But I have nothing but the utmost respect for Derek.

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He even criticized the role of media in that scenario, saying, “I think it was fun for the media to play with it. Two big stars in New York. Derek is one of the greatest competitors I’ve ever been around and a good human being with great family.”

Following the 2001 controversy, the Alex joined the Yankees three years afterward, and in 2009, they secured their first World Series Championship as a team. While playing together, these two friends were spotted several times together.

While The Captain Clutch used to be the one congratulating A-Rod for his successful innings, during the 2004 hitting slump of Jeter, A-Rod stood for his friend, showing his respect for him. Fast forward to 2023, Derek joined Rodriguez at Fox Sports.

Derek Jeter Joined Alex Rodriguez as an MLB Analyst Siding All Clashes


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Life is full of ups and downs, and these two legends knew it the best. Their friendship has gone through several rocky paths, but their companionship bond never got affected. Years after their retirement, the duo was again featured together on television when Jeter made his debut through Fox Sports. While A-Rod and David Ortiz had already doing it for some time, the Hall of Famer joined them in London Series 2023.

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Initially, Captain Clutch kept his distance from baseball after retirement, focusing on his family and business. But he finally agreed with Fox Sports to become an MLB analyst for their show alongside his former teammate and rival.


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This again shocked the fans but also gave a clarity about the relationship between A-Rod and Jeter. Do you think the controversy part is long gone between them? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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