3 Months After Serena Williams’ Backing, American Entrepreneur Details her Dedicated Approach to Business – ‘It Was Nuts’

Serena Williams‘ dynamism & dedication on court was unparalleled. Now that she is off the sport, she is aiming to carry on her dynamic personality into several other fields. The 23-time grand slam champion is now spending her time investing in various businesses to uplift people who have found it difficult to advance in the investment world. A classic example of this is her funding an organization that is working to improve the e-commerce space upon which even the entrepreneur excitedly highlighted the American legend’s business acumen.

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The founder of the organization talked about how Williams invested in their company with much passion. He was further surprised by the involvement of Williams and was assured that this investment would prove to be fruitful.

Luminous founder discusses investment by Serena Williams 


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Luminous is a software company based out of Utah. As the scale of e-commerce grows each moment, Luminous is focused on providing agile and scalable platforms. With such platforms, e-commerce companies can effectively manage their supply chain and inventory operations. The Utah-based company is led by entrepreneur Jarred Ward, who recently talked about the involvement of Serena Williams in the venture. When Ward and his co-founder were looking for investors, they met many and eventually landed a meeting with Meka.

Before you know it, like yeah, we’re in front of Serena Williams. And yeah, it was. It was nuts. So I think at that time, Serena, we’d already gotten the commit from another investor. I can’t remember the amount anyway, but it was a commit. So we were coming into her like, “Yeah, okay, these investors have already committed. Here’s Luminous. Here’s what we’re doing”.”

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She decided to invest $2.1 million through Serena Ventures. He further explained, “And I remember. Yeah, that phone call was intense. She’s a winner. Yeah. Oh, yeah. She’s, she’s a winner. Like, and I think that was if it felt really cool when she invested in us because their whole motto is play to win.

Ward further talked about the depth of involvement of Serena Williams in relation to the involvement of other investors who have a similar status to her. 


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The Queen of the Court is diligent in business

When Ward was discussing the investment made by Williams, he drew a comparison to the way Williams involved herself in the venture. Ward stated that when someone else of her status wants to take part in such ventures, they usually have a team that does most of the work. But the 42-year-old mother of two is quite different.

He said, “And, you know, Serena, like she actually, she actually, like looked through it. Normally, with celebrities who do funds like, it’s, I don’t know, it’s kind of a front team, and you got a team, and they’re doing it, and they’re just using the cachet of the brand. Like, no, Serena was on every single phone call.”


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Williams took part in the venture with just as much enthusiasm as she usually takes with her other ventures. Further, through Williams’ involvement, Luminous has assured itself someone who will be with them every step of the way. The amount invested by her is not short by any means. Now, we only have to wait and see the growth the firm will experience.  

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