76 YO Arnold Schwarzenegger Issues Stern Warning Against Viral ‘Starving’ Challenge

Arnold Schwarzenegger started his weight training classes as a teenager, and at 20, he won the Mr. Universe title. But aspirations of the Austrian Oak didn’t end there. He went on to claim seven Mr. Olympia titles. At 76, the Terminator icon is on a fitness crusade by running a newsletter, Arnold Pump Club.

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For Schwarzenegger, fitness involves holistic well-being while not compromising on the fun part. His recent newsletter reflects on how one can approach a healthy lifestyle more sustainably.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s sustainable fitness mantra


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Given the sedentary lifestyle of recent times, many aspire to inculcate fitness into their lifestyles. But social media confuse netizens with a wide range of fitness fads. So, Arnie resolved to provide simple fitness principles for his village. Schwarzenegger often emphasizes the long-term approach toward a healthy life in Arnold Pump Club. So, he condemns the short span ‘starving’ challenges advocated by social media influencers.

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The recent newsletter edition revealed the Governator’s weekend celebrations. “I spent the weekend at Oktoberfest with my girlfriend, my son, and my friends. I want you to know I did not turn down the schnitzel, the weisswurst, the kaiserschmarrn, or the beer,” wrote Arnie about his fun time in the Arnold Pump Club’s latest version. But he elaborated on his indulgence in unhealthy treats while partying with friends. 

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“Because I want you to be healthy and fit, but I don’t want you to just have a 30-day or a 90-day transformation like influencers push. I want you to have a lifetime transformation,” Schwarzenegger confirmed. To substantiate his point, the 76-year-old detailed that one has to eat healthy foods most of the time while being liberal during celebrations to have a sustainable approach towards wellness, unlike fast fitness transformation trends by social media influencers.

So I want you to always remember to live. Have that schnitzel or beer when your friend is in town or you’re on vacation. Don’t starve yourself of joy,” advised the 7x Mr. Olympia champion. Earlier, the Terminator icon shared his favorite sweet dish with his fitness tribe.

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 Kaiserschmarrn- The Governator’s favorite sweet dish


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The bodybuilding training regime requires bodybuilders to follow a strict diet regime. Despite dominating the 1970s Mr. Olympia stage, Schwarzenegger never compromised on his favorite sweet dish prepared by his mother. He once shared a recipe book on his Twitter handle, now X, for his followers.

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While countering a fitness enthusiast’s “Put the cookie down! Now!” comment, Schwarnezzer replied, “Most of the time. But I also included a kaiserschmarrn recipe, because if we can’t eat sweets, what’s the point of being healthy?


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Despite promoting fitness all his life, Schwarzenegger never rubs harsh rules on his fitness tribe. Instead, he focuses on a sustainable way. No doubt his fitness wisdom is unparalleled. What do you think of this? Let us know in the comments below.

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