A Failed Clippers Trade Left James Harden in the Most Vulnerable Position Amid Joel Embiid and Co’s Silence: “He Just Flat Out Has to Play”

As the off-season is reaching an end, player movements and trade are as unpredictable as ever. James Harden’s trade situation has taken a dramatic turn. The failed trade attempt with the Los Angeles Clippers has left Harden in a precarious position, with silence from Embiid and co. adding to the tension.

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The spotlight is firmly on Harden, who finds himself in a situation where, according to league rules, he has to show up for Philly. And this is despite no matter how much he despises playing in Morrey’s Sixers. 

The failed trade with the Clippers 


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The Clippers’ decision to end trade talks for Harden has left the 10-time NBA All-Star in a vulnerable position. The Clippers were reportedly only willing to give up expiring contracts and draft picks, declining to part with young guard Terance Mann in a proposed deal. This has led to an impasse, with Harden’s future at the Sixers hanging in the balance. Despite the failed trade, the Clippers haven’t completely ruled out revisiting trade discussions with the Sixers in the future. However, for now, Harden remains a Sixer and is expected to report for training camp.


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Harden has to show up with the Sixers 

Harden’s relationship with the Sixers has been strained, to say the least. He has publicly expressed his dissatisfaction with team president Daryl Morey and even called him “a liar” during a trip to China. He even went as far as to vow to never play in the Philly ever again. Despite his dissatisfaction, he remains contractually obligated to play for the Sixers or risk losing his free-agent status. Sports Journalist Zach Lowe and ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne discussed this on a podcast, James Harden finds himself in a situation where he just flat out has to play”, “The league rule is that he has to show up or the Sixers can block him from being a free-agent”, Lowe says. 

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Despite Harden’s public outburst and trade request, his relationship with Embiid appears to remain intact. Embiid has expressed disappointment at Harden’s desire to leave but understands that it’s part of the business. Amidst all this drama, Joel Embiid and co. have largely stayed out of the public discourse surrounding Harden’s trade saga. Embiid himself has been diplomatic about the situation. He expresses hope that Harden will return so they can pursue their goal of winning a championship. It remains to be seen how this saga will unfold as the new NBA season approaches.

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