“A King Without a Crown”: When Looking Back at Bodybuilding Legend’s Perfectly Symmetrical Physique, Fans Couldn’t Believe He Never Won an Olympia

In the realm of bodybuilding, one name still resonates throughout history as a symbol of perfection. For his incredible physique, he even received a nickname that describes his perfection, the “Sultan of Symmetry.” Wheeler also has shown that he possesses great strength and prowess to handle the hurdles that come across his path.

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Despite having gone through over 40 surgeries, he still stands tall with a sheer dedication to maintaining his physique, even in his late 50s. Wheeler has won four Arnold Classic titles but has not ever been able to lay his hands on the much coveted Sandow trophy during his bodybuilding career. Wheeler recently shared a video that triggered some reactions from fans regarding this fact.

Flex Wheeler’s unimaginable poses grab the attention of netizens


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Flex Wheeler recently shared a throwback video on his Instagram account. The video, which showcased the bodybuilder known for his remarkable commitment to the sport posing for the camera, made the fans go insane, looking at his astonishing body.

The video showed him posing on the stage, giving his best with both aggression and passion. He attempted nearly every pose to display the muscles he had diligently worked on for years, highlighting his aesthetics and the massive body he had built. From his chiseled chest to his well-defined legs, his body looked like a work of art. Moreover, he captioned this reel by saying, “IORN PIMP FRIDAY,” the spelling might have been wrong but not his intention.

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Many find it hard to believe that despite his incredible talent and impeccable physique, Wheeler never managed to win the coveted title. While he came close several times, he was the runner-up to six-time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates in 1993. Questioning how Mr. Olympia has eluded Wheeler, many fans commented on his post.


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Fans were shocked that Wheeler never won a Mr. O

In the eyes of the fans, the Arnold Classic champ remains the king. One such comment read, “A king without a crown The best physique I’ve ever seen!” They continued to support him for who he was, “You always be the best.” One of his fans said, “That’s what I call bodybuilding.. esthetic size symmetry conditioning .. served in one of the best posing performances of all time .. true legend.


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The fans were stunned by his physique, but the question remained constant, “How good was that era, that Flex never got an O. Unbelievable.” Some even went on to criticize the judges of the time “How u never won an Olympia because of corrupt judges.” Do you think winning an Olympia remains the sole marker of being a bodybuilding great? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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