A Year After His Secret Philadelphia Charity Got Exposed, Ben Simmons Reveals About Mega Project With Fellow Aussies Hugh Jackman and Margot Robbie

Ben Simmons is one of the most criticized NBA players in recent times. During his induction in 2016, he was hailed as one of NBA’s most promising talents. However, he has seen a dramatic shift in public perception over the years. Initially celebrated as a star, Simmons received praise not only from fans but also from LeBron James and Kobe Bryant. However, his consistent struggles on the court have gradually eroded his positive image.

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Remarkably, despite facing mounting criticism, Simmons has maintained a stoic silence. Until recently, when he boldly declared to be completely healthy. Additionally, he claims to bounce back stronger than ever and even talks about various other aspects of his life.

Ben Simmons has been working on a global project


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Tina Cervasio of Fox Sports recently caught up with Ben Simmons at the Nets’ training facility. The interview marks his first television interview since undergoing surgery. But before delving into basketball matters, Cervasio steered the conversation toward Simmons’ philanthropic efforts in Australia. Specifically focusing on his DoMore project, she asked Simmons to elaborate.

Simmons unveiled DoMore Project’s primary mission is to tackle the pressing issues of racism and promote equality. The initiative fervently encourages Australians to engage in a process of learning, self-reflecting, and acting against racism. Furthermore, it also attempts to teach about Indigenous Australians and various migrant communities that contribute to modern Australia. With his unique background as an African-American-Australian, Simmons resonates deeply with the project’s objectives. He also reveals global sensations like Margot Robbie and Hugh Jackman are accompanying him in the cause.


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The interview offers a captivating glimpse into a multifaceted Simmons, one that many might not be aware of. Interestingly, even during the interview, Simmons was in the middle of a charity event hosted by his foundation and local partner, Rise. During the ongoing event, Simmons attempted to quip youngsters with financial, economic, and leadership intelligence.

Simmons once concealed his name while giving back to the community

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Over the years, despite constant admiration from fans, Simmons became NBA’s one of the most despised figures. The drastic shift in public sentiment had little to do with his personal life and everything to do with basketball. However, it took only a short time for this altered public perception to start impacting his private world. In a candid conversation with the Sydney Morning Herald, Simmons shared a startling incident from his life. The situation unfolded after he noticed that a few kids were turning down technology scholarships simply because they were associated with his name. Deeply moved by this heart-wrenching event, Simmons decided to conduct his philanthropic endeavors anonymously.


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Through his program, Simmons donated his most cherished clothing and provided winter coats to underprivileged children. Furthermore, it also included fostering youth leadership programs and forming partnerships with various organizations. The clandestine approach allowed him to make a meaningful impact while coming into the spotlight.

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