After Being “Not Allowed” to Eat, Simone Biles Rebels 10 Years Later at World Artistic Gymnastics Championships 2023

Some things remain constant, but can the same be said for Simone Biles? A decade ago, Biles arrived in Antwerp as an exceptional gymnast, and now she returns to the very place as the undisputed greatest gymnast of all time. During a recent interview on Instagram posted by the FIG Artistic Gymnastics World Championships 2023 just days before the Championships, Biles reflected on her remarkable journey, candidly sharing the highs, lows, and everything in between. Additionally, she shed light on a stark reality faced by many athletes; the strictness and dedication required to excel in their craft.

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When questioned about her fondest memory of Belgium apart from gymnastics, perhaps the waffles and Belgian chocolate, with an unvarnished response, she said, “Back then, the rules were a bit stricter. We weren’t allowed to indulge in those delicacies.” This statement showed the commitment and constraints that the young prodigy had to abide by at the time. And now, years later, as she returns as a master of the same sport, no “rule” can hold her down. She proved this as she rebelled in her latest update.

Simone Biles rebels against the “rules”


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In her most recent Instagram story, Biles shared a picture that did not need a single word or caption. On a rustic wooden table in front of her was a plate loaded with a generous stack of Belgian pancakes. They glistened enticingly with a drizzle of chocolate, delicately dusted with powdered sugar, and had a side of whipped cream. But that’s not where the deliciousness ended. Right beside this tempting plate sat a tumbler filled to the brim with Capri cold coffee, a fluffy layer of whipped cream, and a mouth-watering drizzle of caramel sauce.

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This picture comes just a day before the World Championships are scheduled to begin, providing us with a glimpse into Biles’ carefree and relaxed approach to the game. It is also important to note that when she first came to Belgium 10 years ago, she used to train at Bannon’s Gymnastix gym.

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And now, 10 years later, Simone trains with WCC, owned by her parents, Ronald and Nellie Biles. Could this be the reason for the leeway? We’re curious, much like our intrigue about the specifics of that mouth-watering order. The interview with Biles on Instagram also highlighted a fun and wholesome moment.

How she carried a piece of Antwerp along with her over the years

After sharing her experiences with the strict rules, Biles shared an enchanting tidbit that the earrings she was wearing were actually bought by her mom in Antwerp following the World Championships in 2013. She said, “I’ve been wearing them for ten years; they’re the first ones.” She revealed how her mother had purchased them for her and how she was initially scared to wear the studs because they were “so expensive.”


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Now, nearly ten years later, she proudly wears them, cherishing the memories of her incredible journey. In classic Biles style, she playfully quipped to the interviewer, “So I’m excited to shop for more diamonds,” with a twinkle in her eyes. On October 1st, qualifiers will start the world championships for Biles and Team USA.

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Biles is poised to add more medals to her collection and fans hope she will pave her way to the upcoming Paris Olympics 2024. Her return to Antwerp years later, where her career began its ascent, shows her transformation into the greatest gymnast of all time.

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