After Flaunting Unfiltered Aggression, Ben Shelton Makes Contrasting Attitude Confession as He Continues Memorable Shanghai Masters Run

The rising star of tennis, Ben Shelton is notorious for taking the spotlight in his matches one way or the other. His behavior & celebrations often show very unfiltered aggression that may contradict his latest revelation. He lets everyone know how “boring” he is outside the court. The Instagram page of the ATP tour just posted a reel focusing on Shelton. This is a normal occurrence for the page as they similarly post about other players as well.

America’s Favorite Video Today

The subject of this reel was to get an inside look at Shelton’s life outside of the court. Fans love to dig about their favorite players and this reel is a treat for such fans, especially those who love the American’s antics.

Ben Shelton claims to be boring


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It’s almost impossible for Shelton to be serious at times. Be it any post-match comments or his famous hang-up-the-call celebration, it all makes him a huge entertainer besides a solid tennis player. Even in this reel, he made the initial seconds quite interesting. Shelton is definitely a humorous one in a sport that is so intense.

Shelton started the video by saying: “I am pretty boring when I’m off the court.” he didn’t stop there, as he said “I don’t like to talk too much, I kind of just keep my mouth shut. I just stay in my hotel room and be by myself.”

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Now his true fans know how this is a blatant lie. Shelton is always top-tier when the subject is having fun. So yeah, it is obvious that he was being sarcastic.

It is evident even on court how Shelton always keeps himself jolly. Besides he has too many friends to be calling himself boring. You don’t get popular by being boring. The second part of this reel however sets the record straight with the truth.


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Shelton’s description of himself

The joke went on with the question about how Shelton’s friends would describe him. To which he said: “I am pretty boring when I’m off the court.” he didn’t stop there, as he said “I don’t like to talk too much, I kind of just keep my mouth shut. I just stay in my hotel room and be by myself”  and then he just couldn’t control his laugh anymore. However, he did come up with the truth soon after.

It is obvious that Shelton is exactly the same way in his real life as well. The 21-year-old says: “I think my friends would describe me as someone who likes to make jokes, someone who keeps things light-hearted.” Truth be told, even his fans think that as well. it is a known fact that Shelton is quicker to make jokes than most players. he further focused on how being with people keeps him happy as he said: “I like having fun, and just hanging out and being with people is what I enjoy.” Well, that is quite understandable and reasonable.


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Looks like we all know how Shelton actually is in his real life. this reel is nothing but an affirmation of what we already knew. However, beyond all the jokes and fun, It is quite important to recognize how good of a player he is.

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