After Singled Out for Cussing, Deion Sanders’ Son Claims Revenge on Father Leaving Celtics Legends in Fits of Laughter

While Deion Sanders ruthlessly destroyed his opponents in his playing days, he is a man of refinement and refuses to use any cuss words. This principled stance extends to his parenting as well. He encourages his sons to adhere to the same standard. However, in a recent exchange, he appeared to side with the Boston Celtics veterans for something he explicitly discourages in his children. Upset with this seeming contradiction in his father’s stance, the 23-year-old son’s response has left Celtics veterans in fits of laughter.

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The incident unfolded during a recent conversation at the University of Colorado Boulder, where former Minnesota Timberwolves player Kevin Garnett and his ex-teammate Paul Pierce went to see Coach Prime.

What was Shilo Sanders’ response?


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While on their visit, they happened to encounter Shilo, Sanders’ 23-year-old son. As they recounted in the ShowTime clip shared by Garnett, the Buffaloes’ defensive back boldly challenged them to a 2v2 basketball matchup. In response to his son’s confident claim, Sanders offered a word of advice, highlighting the legendary duo’s penchant for mean mind games and trash-talking. He further emphasized how both the Big Ticket and the Truth were known for their competitiveness and aggressive playing style.

Watching his father side with the basketball stars, Shilo countered with his argument,When I do that before a game, it’s a problem.While Sanders tried to explain the distinctions between the playing styles of two different eras, Shilo’s response received laughter from the two seasoned athletes.

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This was one instance where Sanders’ approach to parenting and discipline can be seen.

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Deion Sanders disciplines son on cussing

Coach Prime follows a strict philosophy in the field that applies to everyone. On one occasion, when Shilo referred to Sanders as ‘daddy’ during a match, the coach swiftly corrected him, reiterating his role as a coach on the field, not a father. However, when Coach Sanders noticed his son using cuss words after a significant hit during a practice match, he immediately shifted into a father role. 

Later, Shilo candidly admitted, Dang my father heard me because he doesn’t know that I say bad words when I am on the field.


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