After Wrong Assumption From Michael Jordan’s ‘Last Dance’, David Beckham Was Forced To Do 45–50 Hours of Filming for Netflix Documentary

In recent years, athlete documentaries have become increasingly popular among viewers. One such documentary that has recently hit the screens is ‘Beckham’, a Netflix production based on the legendary career of none other than David Beckham. However, what many fans may not be aware of is the significant amount of time Beckham had to dedicate to this project, fueled by a misguided assumption inspired by Michael Jordan‘s documentary.

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‘The Last Dance’, released in 2020, has been hailed as one of the most influential sports documentaries. It takes viewers on a gripping journey through the remarkable chapters of Michael Jordan’s NBA life. Beckham, like millions of others, was captivated by this production and drew inspiration from it for his own documentary.

David Beckham’s aim of spending fewer hours like Michael Jordan didn’t go as planned


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On October 4, the much-anticipated four-part documentary ‘Beckham’ was finally released. Following its release, the Inter Miami owner appeared on the Stick to Football show, where he shared some behind-the-scenes stories about the making of the documentary. “To be honest there was a lot of emotions that went with you know the filming that I’ve done over the last two years” Becks revealed.

The Manchester United legend also revealed the unexpected amount of time he had to devote to filming. He stated, “I probably did about 45-50 hours of filming, which I didn’t expect to do”. Beckham went on to explain the reason behind his misconception of the filming hours, attributing it to ‘The Last Dance’.

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He mentioned, “I mean we’ve all seen the Michael Jordan documentary and he does two interviews. And that was my idea of that’s what I was going to do and that was going to all be used as you know archive”. However, the direction of ‘Beckham’ took a different turn under the guidance of Fisher Stevens, the director of the documentary.

The 48-year-old further added, “All of a sudden we did one interview and he(Fisher Stevens) was like okay this is different we need to do it in this way”. This resulted in a greater time commitment from David Beckham. Regardless, the documentary has been met with positive reviews, receiving a solid 8.3 on IMDB.

The documentary offers an intimate and insightful look into the life of one of the greatest soccer players of all time. It also dives into some dark side and some horrible experiences the soccer legend had to suffer.

David Beckham relives the aftermath of the World Cup loss that made him a public enemy


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The Netflix documentary also delves into the 1998 World Cup, a pivotal event that caused widespread animosity towards David Beckham. The incident was a red card the soccer icon received in the knockout match against Argentina which resulted in England’s elimination. The aftermath was particularly difficult for Beckham, who faced an onslaught of national scorn.

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Within his documentary, Beckham shares a distressing encounter with a paparazzo. Reflecting on this encounter, he recounts, “As I am walking, there was this horrible paparazzi guy walking along”. He then recites the hurtful remarks hurled at him by the photographer: “‘How do you feel about letting your country down? You’re a disgrace’.” These remarks left a lasting impact on Beckham’s psyche even after 25 years have passed.


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