‘Already a Loser’: Despite His $2.4Million Promise, Tiger Woods and Serena Williams Led Venture Gets Brutally Bashed By Fans

Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy’s new collaboration is set to release by January 2024. The legendary duo will start a new league consisting of six teams representing different American cities.

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Amidst anticipation surrounding the event, the teams have started sharing their official logos. One LIV Golf devotee noticed the LA Golf Club logo and decided to take it to X (formerly Twitter) for a light banter while others agreed with him.

TGL teams release the new logo


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The TGL is an advanced technology league that will feature 6 teams with 3 PGA Tour players each. The league partnered with the PGA Tour and was started by Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, and NBC sports executive Mike McCarley. As per Sports Pro Media, the league is projected to allocate $2.4M to each team. 

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The event has confirmed four teams as of now, which are LA Golf Club (LAGC), TGL Boston, TGL New York, and Atlanta Drive GC. The 4 teams have started their preparation. In an exclusive video, the LAGC, owned by Serena Williams, Venus Williams, and Alexis Ohanian, shared its official logo with the community.

After the release, one LIV Golf fan could not resist the urge to call the logo ‘lame’. He shared the video and called it a disastrous business idea. Additionally, he suspected that the tour would fail in a few months. 

While the logo does not look as horrendous as mentioned, others were not coming slowly. The LIV enthusiast did not let go of the chance to belittle the PGA Tour partnership.

LIV Golf supporters call TGL ‘lamest’

While the league has had its fair share of controversies, one thing might have caused fans to strike out against the new LAGC logo. The fans were probably annoyed that no LIV golfer had been invited, so they tried to demean the whole league.

This fan said that Woods’ fans would watch anything Tiger-related, whether it was entertaining or not. He then compared the Tiger fandom to that of Taylor Swift and called them awful.

Another was quick with his predictions and taunts to Woods and other golfers playing. He speculated that the rating would drop after the first few broadcasts.

This one had just one word to say and repeated the original tweet. A two-word tweet calling a high-tech league lame is ironic. 

This one hit two birds with one stone and ranked both LIV Golf and TGL on the lamest list.

One fan could not fathom that a league like this could work and called it a ‘freebie to ESPN’

Taking a jab at the broadcaster rather than the league, this admirer called ESPN a nobody.


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And this fan agreed with the original tweet, saying that the league is more like entertainment golf and not actual competition.


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Regardless of the LIV supporters’ negative feedback, the league will attract new and old Woods and McIlroy fans. Starting next year, which team are you most excited about? 

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