Although Travis Kelce Stands 6′5″ Tall, Chiefs TE Can Merely Dream of Matching Pop Sensation Taylor Swift

Are Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift the right match? The pop sensation Taylor Swift is synonymous with music, where her charm on stage is unparalleled. However, her recent linkage stint with the Kansas City Chiefs tight end, Travis Kelce is the new highlight of the NFL. To spend time with Kelce, his family, and his teammates, Swift paid for the diners dining at the restaurant where the rumored couple planned their late-night dinner, after a game between the Chiefs and the Chicago Bears

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Kelce is also a veteran on the football field, but is he equivalent to Swift’s legacy? A recent comparison between Kelce and Swift’s monetary values and legacy in their respective domains hints at a huge gap.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s monetary gap


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Valuetainment Money’s YouTube channel uploaded a video, where the host highlighted Kelce and Swift’s net worth. He jokingly addressed the significant gap in their monetary values, followed by a comparison of their exes’ reputations. 

Here’s some quick facts for you, real quick. Taylor Swift age 33 her a net worth is 740 million dollars, Travis Kelce is age 33, and his net worth is 30 million dollars. That’d be the equivalent of I make a million dollars a year and you make three thousand dollars, okay sort of a big difference.” – shared the host.  

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The six-foot-five-inch-tall Travis Kelce had a great time with the pop sensation at a dinner party. But the difference in their status and their past relationships highlights the background they come from. And the video host didn’t leave any casualty in pointing them.


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Comparing Swift’s exes with Kelce’s exes

According to the host, Kelce had exes with minimum popularity, and Swift on the other hand dated some of the well-known entities. Sharing his thoughts on their exes, the host said, “His exes included a bunch of no-name models you’ve probably never heard of before Maya Benberry, Kayla Nicole, and Zuri Hall. Those are his exes. Taylor’s notable exes include Jake Gyllenhaal, John Mayer, Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner from Twilight, Harry Styles, and Calvin Harris, the bottom line is that she’s had 11 exes and 12 Grammys. So there might be a Grammy to Travis Kelsey with his name on it sometime soon.

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However, as the saying goes, love has no boundaries. Despite, all the comparison stints, the rumored couple is having a great time and approaching their interaction light-heartedly. Swift’s celebration during the third quarter when Kelce scored a touchdown says how immersed she was in joy, and how happy she was for Kelce’s promising gameplay. But it’s time that answer all the burning queries related to his romantic saga. Meanwhile, let us know your prediction on the rumored couple’s next step. Is the NFL world again witnessing Swift at Metlife Stadium for the game between the Chiefs and the New York Jets?

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