Amidst Dark Clouds, $450,000,000 Patrick Mahomes Teaches an Injury Lesson to $275,000,000 Bengals’ QB Joe Burrow

The Kansas City Chiefs are continuing their winning streak with in-form quarterback Patrick Mahomes performing exceptionally in Patrick Mahomes performing exceptionally in every game. Sunday’s tight game finish against the New York Jets where Chiefs clinched the victory 23-20, is a testament to the quality of Patrick Mahomes. With yet another opportunity, he has been churning out touchdowns regularly this season. On the other hand, the Cincinnati Bengals were somehow able to secure another embarrassing loss of 3-27 against the Tennessee Titans.

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Joe Burrow was again seen out of place, unable to secure a touchdown or even make 200 yards. Since he recovered from the injury in July, his game has seen a decline in performance. While Patrick Mahomes also suffered a leg injury at the start of this year, after recovery, he has been at nothing less than his best. The way he has recovered is an inspiration for all, drawing comparisons of his comeback to the Bengals’ QB.

Should Joe Burrow grab some learning from Patrick Mahomes?


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In a recent tweet by a football enthusiast, a comparison was drawn between the performance of the two quarterbacks, Mahomes and Burrow, after recovering from their recent leg injuries. The tweet highlighted the difference between the two players, on how Mahomes was able to accomplish a great feat for his team despite a speedy recovery.

Yet, when it was Burrow’s turn to impress the Bengals’ fans, he indeed fell short in the season, landing his team in a troublesome position. The tweet addressed the “big gap” between Patrick Mahomes and other QBs in the NFL, respectfully mentioning the credible talent of the young star.

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The Chiefs’ QB had suffered an ankle sprain in the right leg on January 21 against the Jacksonville Jaguars. During a takedown, his leg had bent sideways, creating a problem for himself and his team. Burrow strained his calf on the 27 of July, which made him miss the training sessions and most of the preseason games.

While the two-time Super Bowl champion Patrick Mahomes hails the reigning MVP this season too, the Bengals’ QB has just been out of his expected form in the whole season. The question that arises on the mind is, can both the injuries be compared to each other? Certainly not! But if you are playing at the highest level, drawing comparisons between the performance of players is inevitable.


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The future of both players in the season

Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs are certainly ahead of the others this season as well. While suffering a minor setback in the first final against the Detroit Lions 20-21, they have registered three wins on the trot. In just 4 games, $450 million Mahomes has covered more than 1000 yards with 8 touchdowns and 4 interceptions.

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Going forward, the season looks well-adjusted for Mahomes and his team. However, the Bengals have lost 3 of their 4 games, consisting of two games where they just scored 3 points, against the Cleveland Browns and the Titans. $275 million worth Joe Burrow will have a tough position on his hands going forth.


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The Bengals further will come face-to-face with the Chiefs in the game set for New Year’s Eve. Still, the Bengals need to win some games now and for that Joe Burrow has to perform better than his recent display of skills on the field. With that, do you think the comparison between the two is justified? Also, how do you think both teams will pave their way going forward? Let us know in the comments.

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