“And That’s Why.. Women Live Longer” – Clip Showing the Underwater Battle of Torpedoes Attracts Hilarious Responses From Instagram Users

The Instagram video initially appeared baffling at first glance, has taken the internet by storm. In the video, the couple of athletes, engaging in a fierce battle, contending to take a pool torpedo under their control has left the viewers confused about the sport. This captivating sport is referred to as the Underground Torpedo League

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The cutthroat competition, even under water has been garnering millions of views on different social media platforms. However, the evolution of the game has intrigued the viewers. This article lets us find the origin and fundamentals related to the game.

Origin and the objective behind the League


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The Underwater Torpedo League originated in 2017 and owes its existence to the vision of former military comrades, Prima Hall and Don Tran. These two pioneers discovered the sport by transforming their military pastime into a game to be played at a competitive level. The sport contains the amalgamation of hydrodynamics, strategy, deep-end fitness, and breath control. As reported by USA Today, the sports coach, Peter Belden, said, “In a sport like this, I don’t care how good you are, if you’re tired, you’re not going to perform well. And that’s why we train so hard and push ourselves.”

As seen in the Instagram video, teams of five players engage in a wrestling game to take an 11-ounce rubber pool torpedo under control. After seizing the object, the target is to propel it into the opponent’s goal, 15 feet underwater. 

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Underwater thrills and challenges

Since the exhaustive act occurs underwater, it demands the athletes to be in their peak physical condition being aware of the breathing techniques. Each team is allowed to roster up to 12 players, however, out of them only 5 are allowed to play the game. 


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Playing at a depth of 12 to 15 feet underwater poses more challenges than a normal sport played on the ground. Being a part of an underwater battle at 15 feet deep, that too wrestling for a small torpedo demands physicality along with mental fortitude.

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Navigating underwater requires unique tactics to contend with the relentless tugging from the opponent. Therefore, tactics have evolved and with it, the level of the play has also raised. Beyond wrestling, it demands high game IQ and strategic acumen. The league inspired by its evolution, since its origin aims at attaining the Olympic recognition in the games to be taking place in 2028. The viral video has received some interesting responses. A viewer commented on the post, And that’s why…women live longer than men.  


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Born from humble military backgrounds as a recreational sport, Underwater League Torpedo promises a thrilling experience both for the spectators and the players involved. The unique combination of physical strength, evolving tactics, and breath control is about to usher the sports into global attention through the Olympics. 

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