Another Heartbreak For Tiger Woods as Charlie Woods Overlooks Father For Fellow TGL Idol

When someone becomes a legend in any sphere, they become an inspiration for many. People try to soak up the greats’ techniques and implement them into their own practices. And Tiger Woods serves as that inspiration in the golf world. Numerous young golfers pick up tips from arguably the greatest of the game.

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But what happens when a legend’s own children follow someone else? Woods Senior has been away from the greens for a long time. But in the world of golf, his 14-year-old son is flying the Woods clan’s flag high. Charlie Woods is making his dad more and more proud by the day. But it seems like, for his swing, Charlie is following another legend.

Woods junior’s swing style resembles that of other legend


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Almost ten days back, Charlie had won the individual championship at the West Coast High School tournament of the SFPGA. A few days before, he had also won the Notah Begay III Junior Golf National Championship. Many people think that his whole style, attitude, and game is similar to that of his father.

Tiger’s golf strokes are praised by many, and Jason Day once claimed his golf swings are like the Mona Lisa. But for Charlie, it seems like his swings resemble his father’s close friend and TGL partner Rory McIlroy. Charlie’s practice video from the course has gone viral, and fans are comparing his swings to McIlroy’s.

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The young prodigy has an extremely powerful swing, and his steadiness helps in better footwork. His back is incredibly stable throughout. McIlroy also employs his back to boost the force of his swing. For many fans, the similarities between swings are rather obvious. One fan wrote, ”Looks like Rory swing with cadence of tiger mannerisms.” While another wrote, ”More like Rory.”

When your child follows a different style than yours, you may feel disappointed. But in this case, Tiger is happy that his son’s swings resemble McIlroy’s. Many times in the past he has praised Rory’s swings.

McIlroy is never out of balance

One just can’t expect Tiger to tell his own child to follow someone’s style in golf, but it is true. Tiger told his son to emulate the swing technique of the Irishman.


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“I told [Charlie], ‘Don’t copy my swing. Copy Rory’s,’” Woods said. The 15-time major champion claimed he couldn’t move as well as McIlroy. He never noticed his close friend off balance during his strokes.

“Have you ever seen Rory off balance in a shot?” Woods asked. “Not ever. That’s one of the things my dad instilled in me, is that you should be able to balance and hold your finish until the ball rolls and stops. You can swing as hard as you want, but you need to have balance.”


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Seems like all parties concerned are happy here!

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