As Aaron Judge Declares The Season A ‘Big Failure’, Massive Flaws In New York Yankees Organization Come To Light After Playoff Elimination

The New York Yankees need a revolution. Yet another season is ending without a World Series victory, prolonging the 14-year drought. 2023 has been so bad, in fact, that for the first time since 2016, the Bronx Bombers will not even make it to the postseason. Aaron Judge has shouldered huge responsibility but even he cannot deny that changes are needed. And they’re needed immediately.

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Starting from the last offseason, Brian Cashman has insisted on blind faith in his roster. The only major addition was Carlos Rodon and Judge’s re-signing as the captain. The former has been a major disappointment all year while the latter has exceeded expectations, despite a severe injury. But even All-Rise has declared the season a failure.

Aaron Judge Knows the Yankees Have ‘A Lot of Work to Do’


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Every team will have good days and bad days, but the point is to make the former outweigh the latter. With the way things are going, with aging and underperforming veterans outstaying their welcome, the Bronx is in deep trouble. It took the longest time for the Yankees front office to cut loose Aaron Hicks and Josh Donaldson, and now Giancarlo Stanton should ideally be headed the same way.

Aaron Judge told The NY Post’s Greg Joyce, “When you don’t show up and you don’t produce and you get kicked out like this in the regular season, that’s a big failure right there.” While an unusual amount of injuries can be stated as an excuse this season, it won’t work every year. The Yankees are desperately in need of new medical staff and new coaches, and while they’re at it, why not the front office too?

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The GM’s refusal to sell or add to the existing roster at the trade deadline further fueled fans’ fury since Cashman is apparently still insisting on the same old ways despite not winning a championship in the past 14 years. Whatever production 2023 has seen from the Yankees has been defensive, with the bullpen stepping up to fill in the gaps the offense has left. And yet, even after what happened in 2022, the front office made no moves to add more hitters.

If current players are injured or slumping, there should be more options to call up so that the game runs smoothly. But the Pinstripes have nothing and no one. Even the Baby Bombers experiment collapsed spectacularly.

No Ring for the New York Yankees Captain in His First Year

While Aaron Judge wants changes in the organization, he isn’t alluding to details. But some obvious modifications need to be made. Otherwise, the future is going to be looking as bleak as 2023 was. No October appearance, no more World Series, and the legacy of a hundred years down the drain.


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What is needed is a strict change in philosophy, which of course, the majority owner is opposed to. What Hal Steinbrenner has shown over the years with his decisions, or lack of them, is that he will maintain the status quo for as long as possible. That dislike for change will drag the Yankees down, unless the captain and his team do something about it.


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The next week and a half will be essentially useless as the club finishes the season on a disappointing note. But the previous months have hopefully given the team a clue as to what they should be improving.

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