As Vikings & Chiefs Cross Swords on Sunday Night, QBs Patrick Mahomes & Kirk Cousins Get Ready for a Special ‘Debut’

All aboard the Vikings ship! The Kansas City Chiefs shared an illustration on their Instagram account showing Kirk Cousins unleashing fire footballs at the Chiefs’ team. Cousins was aboard a Minnesota Vikings ship. As the Chiefs prepare to ride out to U.S. Bank Stadium, two QBs who both started their careers in their present teams will go head-to-head against each other.

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The two would have met earlier in 2019, but Patrick Mahomes skipped the game due to a knee injury. Now, 4 years later, the epic showdown has finally come. With Cousins facing criticism for his unusual practice, the question remains: Will the Vikings’ ship sink the Chiefs or will they manage to swim safely ashore?

Cousins v Mahomes: A showdown wrapped in criticism


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In a scathing criticism of Kirk Cousins, Mike Florio wrote an article in NBC’s Pro Football Talk. After the Netflix series titled Quarterbacks released, the world came to know that the Vikings’ #8 does not work on Tuesdays. Although it is officially an off day for NFL players, but Cousins has been a passionate pioneer of not working at all on Tuesdays. What’s more, he even attended a Minnesota Twins baseball game with his family. That did not do down well with Florio who bashed him for not sacrificing off days in the pursuit of greatness.

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He compared Cousins to Mahomes and said, “But let’s not be surprised by the fact that Mahomes is currently the best quarterback in football, and Cousins is not.” He added that Mahomes and Co. even have the luxury of losing the game. If they lose, their record will be 3-2. If the Vikings lose, however, they will be at 1-4. “What are you willing to sacrifice to be great?” is his question to Kirk Cousins.

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Is Kirk Cousins willing to pay the price for greatness?

“Are you willing to work every single day to be great? Because others who aspire to be great are doing exactly that.” It is totally Cousins’ prerogative to work or not, but while he is taking his day off, he should remember that others are not. There is a heavy price to pay for greatness. Tom Brady might have thrown his personal life away and lost his model wife, Gisele Bündchen, but he traded one ring in return for seven.


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As the Vikings and the Chiefs prepare for the showdown on October 8, it’s not just the QBs that make or break the game. But even in that regard, the Vikings seem outmatched as they are faced with the likes of Travis Kelce, Nick Bolton, Isiah Pacheco, and Kadarius Toney.

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Will the Vikings triumph in spite of these overwhelming odds? Momentum seems to be on the side of the Kansas City Chiefs as well, but only time will tell.

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