“Better Than 95% Of the Men Half His Age”: Fitness World Divided as 54-Year-Old Hugh Jackman Grinds to Get Back in Wolverine Shape

Hugh Jackman, the Hollywood actor is renowned not only for his remarkable acting prowess but also for his commendable fitness ethic that never ceases to inspire millions. At an age when many choose to slow down, Jackman seems to be accelerating, challenging the stereotypes that associate age with decline.

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Jackman is always seen involved in bodybuilding and fitness, always coming up with a great physique. Be it in his movies or real life. The key to Jackman’s evergreen vigor? Discipline, consistency, and an undying passion for staying fit. This commitment was once again showcased when the actor recently shared a glimpse of his workout routine.

A glimpse into Hugh Jackman’s workout routine


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Recently, Hugh Jackman posted a video on Instagram where he’s casually doing a bench press at the gym. It was more than just a workout clip. It showed just how dedicated he was to staying fit, even as he ages. The way he tackled that exercise made it clear that age wasn’t slowing him down one bit.

In a world where many celebrities talk about fitness, Jackman’s commitment is on another level, especially when you think about the physically demanding roles he’s taken on. As seen in the video, Jackman’s grind is to get back in Wolverine shape.

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Staying this fit doesn’t just happen. It’s all about years of hard work, consistency, and living a balanced life. Seeing his workout at this age, while some fans and followers were impressed, others treaded on the side of caution.

Fans had mixed reactions to the Wolverine actor’s workout


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The video sure got a lot of folks talking. Loads of fans and followers chimed in, and many were seriously impressed with Jackman’s fit bod and energy. One fan joked, “My man’s getting old,” and another said, “He looks better than 95% of the guys half his age.” That was not just a pat on the back, but also a nod to how insanely fit Jackman is, even compared to the younger crowd.

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However, some comments leaned towards concern for the actor. One fan, drawing a parallel to Jackman’s famous role, remarked, “Old man Logan.” Others gently advised caution, with comments like, “Be mindful of strenuous exercises at your age,” and “Yes, he is aging. Perhaps he should moderate his workouts.”


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In today’s digital age, public figures like Hugh Jackman serve as both motivation and subjects of affectionate concern for their fans. Jackman’s recent post reinforces the notion that with persistence and a balanced approach to health, one can gracefully defy age while setting standards for others to aspire to.

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