“Better Then Ronaldo & Messi”: Fans Left Amazed as Anthony Joshua Shots Goal With His ‘Child Hood Hero’ David Beckham

When two giants of different sports realms converge, the unexpected happens. Boxing’s Heavyweight, Anthony Joshua, donned football boots recently. Yes, you read that right. The man known for fierce punches in the ring was spotted kicking a ball. And not just with anyone. He was alongside the football maestro, David Beckham. Inter Miami’s training ground which caters players like Lionel Messi, became the stage for this rare spectacle.

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A video surfaced on Joshua’s Twitter, revealing the two taking long shots at goal. Beckham’s legendary footwork was no surprise. But Joshua? His foot connecting with the ball was as unforeseen as one of his knockout punches. The sheer peculiarity of this union is bound to raise eyebrows and spark interest. What could’ve possibly brought these two icons together for a casual football session?

Unmasking Anthony Joshua: The boxer with football feet?


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Anthony Joshua stands tall, not just in stature but also in his boxing accolades. This British boxer is a two-time unified Heavyweight world champion. He boasts an Olympic gold medal from the 2012 games, a testament to his prowess in the ring. Over the years, he has knocked out opponents, leaving fans and rivals awestruck.

Transitioning to David Beckham, his achievements in the football world are legendary. Having graced fields from Manchester United to Real Madrid, Beckham’s career is studded with numerous titles and iconic moments. His signature free-kicks remain etched in the memories of football enthusiasts worldwide. But Beckham’s journey didn’t halt post-retirement.

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He embarked on an ambitious project, becoming the owner of Inter Miami CF, creating waves in Major League Soccer. This summer he went on a rampage and signed three of the biggest European stars named Lionel Messi, Jordi Alba and Sergio Busquets. 

Now, when a video emerged showcasing both these legends sharing a moment on the football pitch, fans were naturally elated. One fan humorously hinted at the possibility of multiple takes before the perfect shot.

Another fan playfully suggested that the duo might even be superior to football greats like Ronaldo and Messi.

Another user cheekily insinuated that perhaps Joshua’s talents were better suited for football rather than boxing.

One person heaped praise on Joshua, expressing that he could easily pass off as a professional footballer, especially given the finesse of his kick.

Another keen observer christened Joshua’s shot, saying it was akin to “bending it like Beckham.


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The unexpected rendezvous between Anthony Joshua and David Beckham offers more than just a momentary spectacle. It underscores the universality of sports, how champions from different arenas can come together, share, and learn. As Beckham’s journey seamlessly transitioned from the football pitch to boardrooms, Joshua’s brief stint with the football legend hinted at untapped potentials.


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So, are there other sports icons who could dazzle us with hidden talents? How many more unexpected collaborations are we yet to witness? So, which two athletes from different disciplines would you love to see come together next?

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