Breaking 138 Fans’ Hearts, Charles Barkley Once Turned “Invisible” Despite Promise of 7-Day Adventure

Charles Barkley rose to the top of the NBA in the late 1980s. Since then, he has been one of the best players in the league during his time. His popularity was massive off the court. Fans loved the honest personality of Sir Charles Barkley. This led to the fans spending a lot of money when they were given the opportunity to spend a whole week with him.

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But things did not go as planned, as Barkley and his team had a change of heart at the last moment. Having left many in the unknown, the reception from his fans towards his action was not kind.

Fans were not happy with Charles Barkley


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Way back, Charles Barkley was set to be a part of a super-cruise. Barkley was supposed to lead a group of travelers for 7 days and 7 nights. The cruise was aptly named “Sir Charles and Friends Supercruise“.

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The Dreamward was set to sail from New York to Bermuda and then back to New York. But two days before the ship was to set sail, Barkley let the coordinator know through his agent that he would not be taking part in the event. This made the fans furious, as they were not going to be able to spend time with the Phoenix Suns superstar, for whom they paid money. Especially for the 138 passengers who bought the Barkley package, paying $1,000 more than the regular price.

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According to SI, comedian Randy Pryor said, “What is purple, orange, and black, and invisible? -Charles Barkley.”

Along with Barkley, some other personalities from the NBA were also part of the cruise. NBA veteran Kurt Rambis said, “I guess this is just the ‘And Friends Cruise’ now“. Once they reached Bermuda, a lifesize cardboard cutout of Barkley was brought to the elbow beach. This led to one passenger revealing her desire to wring the cardboard cutouts around its neck.


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Why did Chuck not come for the cruise?

Barkley’s agents revealed that Barkley pulled out of the cruise because the promoter could not supply proper liability insurance and that he did not pay half of Barkley’s agreed fee in advance. Barkley was supposed to receive $100,000 plus $25,000 worth of free cabins for his family and friends. However, according to the agents, this was not available. But Allan Kobrick, the promoter of the cruise said that $50,000 was already paid so what they are saying is not true.

Since the announcement from Barkley was just two days before the scheduled event, it was too late for his fans to cancel the cruise. This led to the fans being brutal about their remarks towards Barkley. One said that Barkley has slipped a few positions in her mind because of his actions. Taking their hopes and dreams away from many fans did not leave a good impression in their minds.


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