“Bro Became IShowFootball”: Fans Laugh Along With IShowSpeed He Watches an Unexpected Video With Him and Cristiano Ronaldo

Who would win in a fight between IShowSpeed and Cristiano Ronaldo? The soccer-fanatic streamer IShowSpeed leaves no chance to express his love for Ronaldo. But a video creator took the chemistry of Speed and his superstar and gave it a whole unique twist. This ongoing viral video features the YouTuber and the soccer legend in an intense fight. And fans couldn’t get over the hilarious Speed reaction on the video. 

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The recent buzz around an IShowSpeed stream featuring his icon Cristiano Ronaldo has been at an all-time high. The Al-Nassr invite for Speed after he expressed his disappointment with the performance of Manchester United sparked speculations around the same. Amidst this hot streak of speculations, fans came across a fan-made featuring both faces in the last possible scenario, an intense battle! And the wild climax made is described appropriately by a fan, ‘IShowFootball’. 

IShowSpeed is left stunned by the fan-made wild feature 


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When IShowSpeed first noticed himself and Ronaldo in the clip, his face brightened up. The content producer is a die-hard supporter of the Portuguese star. By the end of the clip, Speed screams, “What the f**k did I just watch? What the f**k did I just watch?” 

The streamer was quite startled when he realized that the footballer he idolized was beating up his animated self, and he conveyed his amazement and fear. An altercation between the two was shown in the animation, with the Al Nassr star winning. Darren was shocked to see the player’s likeness utilized in such a video by a well-known fan. 

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However, the community found the video and the streamer’s reaction to the video hilarious. Evidently, their response on social media took some rib-tickling digs at the fight! 

Fans enjoy the Ronaldo X Speed virtual fight 

You don’t always get a chance to witness ‘what ifs’ in real life. Speed fans made sure this chance wasn’t wasted. The reaction immediately went viral on the platform, inviting some classic comments from the community. 

A user took to classic wordplay as Speed turned into a football. 

Fans cannot stop laughing at the wild creativity of the animator. 


Another user feels Speed’s reaction as they cannot believe what they just watched.

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A user prayed for the streamer, much needed after that fight.


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While fans thoroughly enjoyed the clip, the timing is also interesting. It comes in the midst of speculations about their link up for a stream. Meanwhile, who was your pick for the fight?

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