Carmelo Anthony, Who Once Displayed Boxing Legend’s “Fatal Friendship”, Proudly Flaunts Muhammad Ali Obsession in Million-Dollar NY Home

Muhammad Ali is one of the biggest influencers the world of sports has ever seen. The late great has inspired generations and still continues to do, so years after his death. Be it his charismatic personality or his political stance, fans loved everything about The Greatest. Some of the most popular athletes in the country are huge fans of the boxing legend. Notably, 10x NBA All-Star Carmelo Anthony is among them as well. He recently revealed his “obsession” with Ali.

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Anthony is not just a fan of The People’s Champion, he also wants the world to know Ali’s stories. Notably, Carmelo played a part in the release of the docuseries, Blood Brothers which was about the relationship between Malcolm X and Ali.

Carmelo Anthony reveals his love for Muhammad Ali


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Melo was one of the best scorers the game has ever seen. Over the course of his career, the New York Knicks legend has time and again proved his offensive prowess. This has helped him make millions. In fact, Anthony has an estimated net worth of around $160 million. His financial strength has helped him buy some expensive properties. Notably, his mansion in Winchester, New York is a masterpiece.

Recently, Carmelo Anthony gave a tour of his abode during which his massive love and respect for Muhammad Ali was more than evident.

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As soon as he welcomed the crew inside his mansion, the first thing that would catch any eye was a large mural of Ali in polished wood situated above the double-arched staircase. Talking about it, Melo said, “My big welcome piece upstairs, that’s Muhammad Ali. That’s the focal piece in the house. It just gives so much energy, so much spirit, so much love when you look at that.”

Anthony revealed that he has been collecting art for 15 years now and showed off some incredible pieces. However, the mural is not the only thing about Ali in the mansion. While walking into the next room, Melo stated, “I’m an Ali groupie. Anywhere you go in the house, you will always see a picture of Ali.”

In the next room, along with his Olympic gold medals was another iconic picture of the heavyweight champion. Also, along with the biggest accolades he won in the NBA, there was a pair of boxing gloves signed by Ali himself.

Furthermore, the wallpaper of his powder room was full of Ali’s pictures as well. During the tour, Melo himself admitted that it’s a lot.

Blood Brothers docuseries


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The docuseries Blood Brothers was released in 2021.

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According to a report from Deadline, the series was based on the non-fiction book Blood Brothers: The Fatal Friendship Between Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X. Notably, Carmelo Anthony was part of the project as well.

The eight-episode limited series was a unique examination of the friendship between Ali and Malcolm X. It also touched on their personal lives as well.


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Notably, one of Melo’s closest friends, LeBron James, also produced a documentary about the legend called What’s My Name: Muhammad Ali. Clearly, Ali’s legacy is safe in the hands of the NBA’s greatest. Have you watched the documentaries?

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