Carolina’s Ex-Breakout Star Recalls When Chris Paul and Blake Griffin’s Bullying Cost Him a Hefty Price as a Clippers Rookie

It is almost a ritual for the rookie to pay for the small stuff in a new team. From buying fast food at the airport or taking care of the tips, a new player does it all. Former Carolina Superstar Brice Johnson experienced something similar. The ‘Monster’ refreshes his memory on how he had to pay a huge sum of money as a rookie in the LA Clippers. The incident is from when some members of the team went for dinner at Nobu. What’s more, the players who asked him to pay were Chris Paul and Blake Griffin.

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Let us see how Chris Paul and Blake Griffin bullied the Monster.

Chris Paul and Blake Griffin ask Brice to pay for dinner


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The LA Clippers was the first team for Brice Johnson as a rookie in the NBA after his NCAA days. He was the first-round pick in the NBA draft back in 2016. Recently, Brice was invited to the Better Blue podcast.

Here, he takes the hosts and former blues back to those days. The host asked Brice about what going to LA with superstars like Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, JJ, and Doc Rivers was like. Brice said that it was different for him as he was from a small town and now there were stars all around him.

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Brice also talks about the time when the entire team of the LA Clippers went out for drinks and dinner. Here, Chris Paul and Blake Griffin bullied him into paying the bill.

He said, “They all went out to Nobu when they went, ‘Hey rook you pay for this bill right now and you don’t have to pay for anything for the rest of the year.’” He reminisced about the time and said that he wouldn’t pay for that bill now, but back then it seemed like a good idea.

The host also asked Brice what the vibe was like in LA.

Brice Johnson talks about his first time in LA


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Answering this, Brice said, “First, it was a culture shock to me. It was different with the big city where lights are bright.” He further exclaimed, “Playing in Staples Center with stars everywhere there’s stars on the courtside!”

Clearly, the vibes back then were completely engulfing Brice’s emotions at the time. He even said that he got homesick for a few months. He then confessed, “I don’t think I did LA right, just because I didn’t know what to do, being from a small town.”

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Well, no one knows how much Brice had to pay to get through dinner as a rookie, but it may reflect his forward-thinking attitude. His revelation about the outrageous tip just to avoid future payments was definitely a fun thing to know.

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