Charles Barkley’s Trick to Huge Physical Transformation that Had Doctors Disappointed Expands Overseas

A certain health management drug used by Charles Barkley has raised more than a few brows. However, the increased scrutiny also led to more research and its popularity. With the NBA legend as their speaker, this brand is now expanding globally. Reports surfaced that the Barkley-backed medication is set to pose stiff competition to identical brands in other countries.

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There’s no research on how popular Charles Barkley is in Australia but there’s a lot of research being done on the medication he uses. The Oz could potentially have options for a widely prevalent illness but only one has an NBA star’s name attached to it.

Charles Barkley’s medication now in Australia


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The Round Mound of Rebound has struggled with his weight from the time dominated the SEC in college. In recent years, he’s been open about how he manages his weight. Charles Barkley is flaunting a late glow-up after shedding over 65 pounds. He credits part of it to his medication.

Barkley relies on injections of a type 2 diabetes management drug called Mounjaro. This pharmaceutical brand is a direct competitor of the more widely used Ozempic. Now Mounjaro is set to compete with Ozempic outside the US too.

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Mounjaro is reportedly in a phase of entering Australian pharmaceutical markets by the end of the year. The new player in the Aussie pharma business reportedly sought to subsidize their medication too.


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Several Hollywood celebrities and influencers have confessed to using Ozempic for weight management. But Mounjaro is riding on the Sir Charles fame train to knock out its competitors. To be fair, Barkley is not an official spokesperson and is not involved in the company’s business. He’s only ever been honest about using it.

These medications are stirring controversy across all fields and countries, not because of risks or side effects, but medical professionals are concerned that these drugs aren’t going to the people they’re meant for.

Medical professionals slam Charles Barkley


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Type 2 diabetes management injections like Mounjaro and Ozempic reduce the rate at which the stomach empties and alters appetite. Celebrities have taken to using these injections and endorsing them as a means to reduce weight. This is an “off-label” use, that is, they’re being prescribed for a purpose other than what they’re intended for.

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While these companies are making a killing because of indirect endorsement from celebrities, actual diabetics struggle to get access to these drugs. When Charles Barkley was opening up about his use of Mounjaro, medical professionals and diabetes patients criticized him.


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These medications’ popularity as a weight-loss method drives the prices up, and many diabetics are unable to afford it. The diabetes community is in a crisis due to a shortage of medications while celebrities can afford it easily.

Barkley claimed that he feels great since losing weight and is aware he took the easy way. He’s however, remained silent on the criticism and the crisis.

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