“Choose Your Swings Wisely…”: Millionaire Alex Rodriguez Taps Into Decades of Experience While Sharing Iconic Advice for Budding Businessmen and Baseball Players

Alex Rodriguez aka A-Rod is famous for his acumen. Whether it is in baseball or business, he always has valuable insights to give. This New York Yankees’ shortstop-turned-entrepreneur is the man to turn to for ultimate knowledge. Even after retiring, A-Rod is an active member of social media, defying all odds, especially after his latest post.

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While he wears multiple hats owing to around three decades of work experience, once in a while, he takes out time to share that knowledge on social media. Be it his explanation of batting tactics, breaking down a player’s style, or imparting snippets of wisdom, he is always out there. This particular time, he presents the best of both worlds.

Alex Rodriguez With His Words of Wisdom


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In a recent Instagram post, the baseballer-turned-business-mogul, Rodriguez, offered a valuable piece of advice. The 3x MVP beautifully amalgamated both the worlds of business and baseball, introducing a new flagship concept – ‘The Power of Restriction’.

The summary of his concept in his words is, “Only swing at the A-plus pitches”. The ex-Yankee captioned the post with a powerful message, “In baseball & business, choose your swings wisely”. Well now one knows, that’s how it’s done!

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Rodriguez emphasized, underscoring the significance of strategic decision-making in both fields. This world series champion’s dual success story serves as a testament to the potential for synergy between sports and business. With that, it is inevitable to highlight yet another instance when A-Rod blew minds.

Just four days back, A-Rod dropped another video, which was a golden one. Not only would the batters of MLB go on to benefit from it, but it was indicative of one particular player – the ‘3 ingenious fixes’.


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A-Rod’s Online Batting Training

In collaboration with mlbonfox, Alex Rodriguez posted a video of himself practicing the nuances of being in the batter’s box. He carefully explained the three key points to keep in mind when demonstrating his position and movements. A-Rod gave his training post the caption, “Three things to think about in the batter’s box. #baseballtraining“.

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This video came out in the thick of the ongoing news of Ronald Acuna Jr. While A-Rod has even analyzed Acuna’s batting style, the tips he shared in his Instagram post would be something that teams would certainly benefit from.

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