Chris Bumstead Might Suffer Serious Problems Due to His Less Than 5% Body Fat, Declares IFBB Coach Just Weeks Ahead of Mr. Olympia 2023

The Classic Physique division maestro, Chris Bumstead, is training hard to lift his fifth Mr. Olympia title. The 4x Mr. Olympia champion keeps his fans posted about his grilling training regime and diet routine ahead of the Mr. Olympia 2023 championship. 

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The bodybuilding icon in his YouTube video, “Full Day of Eating, 6 weeks Out Mr. Olympia,” detailed his daily meal plan during his preparation routine. 

Chris Bumstead’s condition explained by Greg Doucette


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The bodybuilding diet and training regime demands intensive discipline, and Chris Bumstead is always ready for the challenge. Despite a tough start to this year’s preparation, Bumstead is focusing on the goal of being the Mr. Olympia champion once again. So, while disclosing his meal prep in his YouTube video ten days ago, the 28-year-old confessed, “I am absolutely starving,” before adding, “as I am probably going to say that every single meal.

So, Greg Doucette unraveled the science behind it in his latest YouTube video, “Chris Bumstead is struggling.” “When you’re this lean, when you’re this great of a calorie deficit, your Ghrelin, the hunger hormone, it’s through the roof,” the IFBB coach explained as a reason for CBum’s starvation. “It’s so high, the reason for that is because Chris’s body does not want him to get below 4% body fat, and so the body has a self-defense mechanism,” he said about the high levels of Ghrelin, substantiating his point.

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Doucette pointed to various health issues CBum might undergo due to his bodybuilding routine, “When you’re this hungry, you’re most likely going to have a difficult time sleeping, and if you were 100% natural your testosterone levels are probably going to go down.” Earlier, Doucette tried to explain why CBum might plan to retire soon. 

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Greg Doucette on CBum’s retirement plans


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Chris Bumstead revolutionized Classic Physique with his highly shredded avatar in the previous Mr. Olympia championships. Despite health issues and a bicep tear, he pushed hard to the top last year. But this year was a bit tough, and Greg Doucette expects CBum to retire shortly

Chris Bumstead has an autoimmune disease, which makes it even harder for him to compete and take the things he needs to take in order to win the title,” the coach opined about CBum’s bodybuilding future in one of his YouTube videos.


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Despite the hardships, the CBum is not giving up on his bodybuilding dream this year, and as the Mr. Olympia championship is a couple of weeks away, fans are excited to witness him on stage. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below! 

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