Conor McGregor Told He’s “Never Fighting Again” as UFC Star’s Message for Snoop Dogg Sets off UFC Fans

Snoop Dogg and Conor McGregor, never thought you’d get this duo now, did you? Neither did the fans in McGregor’s comment section. Like it or not, the two have recently met and even taken pictures. The hip-hop icon is currently touring Dublin and decided to make a stop at McGregor’s pub, The Black Forge Inn.

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After Snoop clicked some pictures with McGregor’s mom, he feasted and left for his show. Next thing you know, McGregor is ready to enjoy a show for himself. He posted a picture of him on Instagram. He was about to go see the star himself now, but fans were not happy with it at all.

Conor McGregor can’t catch a break from fans


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Conor McGregor was ready for a fun night. He’d rolled up a joint, sat in his car, and taken a picture. Once the picture went online, fans ripped him apart for many things. “On the way to snoop dogg gonna take it handy” McGregor captioned the viral post only for fans to make fun of him. Some poked at him for missing the USADA testing pool entry deadline. Others mocked him for rolling an odd looking joint, and even more just wanted the trolling to take over.

Here are some of the most hilarious comments from under the post.

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“Not in the USADA pool yet I can tell.”

“That joint as crooked as his career lol”

“Look like he had that joint in his pocket the whole time just to take this pic.”

Clearly, someone could take lessons from Snoop Dogg in one certain aspect. Some fans seemed convinced this would be a DUI case much like another well known former champ.

“DUI caught in 4k”

“Bro drunk as hell at home in his driveway”

Some fans felt like they knew what ‘The Notorious’ will be doing in the near future. No one is sure if they’re right. But they’re hilarious for sure.

“Bro gon delete this in the morning”

“Bros never fighting again”

‘The Notorious’ is certainly notorious for deleting tweets. He has talked a lot of trash against a lot of people right before deleting the tweet. Also, with the current state of his career, it is uncertain when he’ll step back inside the Octagon. The fans may just be trolling but there is a hint of irony in their comments.


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What’s going on with McGregor?

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Once Conor McGregor broke his shin bone everything went into a downward spiral. Even with his pacy recovery, the fighter couldn’t make it in time for USADA to test him. If he can’t be tested, he can’t fight. This has pushed his fight against Michael Chandler farther away than this year. UFC 296 card for December has been announced and ‘The Notorious’ is not on it.


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Dana White recently confirmed that McGregor and USADA were far away from one another. In an interview he said, “I know nothing about it,” when asked about McGregor’s constant claims. The Irishman has maintained that he is only required to pass two tests, however, USADA said that he needed to be tested for a good six months to be cleared to fight. Until that happens, looks like the only ones McGregor will be fighting are trolls in the comment section.

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