Derek Chisora Brands John Fury “Legend” While Admiring Him for Being a Family Man

In the unpredictable world of boxing, sometimes it’s the off-ring comments that pack the most punch. Enter Derek Chisora. While we’ve seen heavyweights trade verbal jabs, Chisora’s recent words about John Fury took a surprising twist. Instead of the expected rivalry-filled rhetoric, Chisora’s words resonated with an unexpected warmth.

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The boxing titan spoke candidly in an interview with iFL Tv. But don’t anticipate the usual fight talk. Instead, brace yourself for an unlikely comparison involving “a billion gazillion dollars” and, oddly enough, high heels and lipstick. Curious? It’s not every day a boxer’s admiration pivots on such peculiar imagery. Curious?

“Man’s man”: Derek Chisora on the rare breed that is John Fury


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Derek Chisora, known for his powerful punches and equally compelling words, recently sat down with iFL Tv. The stage was set for yet another gripping discussion on boxing, rivalries, and the sports’ evolving dynamics. However, the conversation took an unexpected turn when the interviewer steered the dialogue towards John Fury.

Transitioning smoothly, Chisora began with a note of genuine admiration, setting the foundation for what was to follow. He stated, “Listen, we love John Fury, bro.” It was clear this wasn’t just another routine chat about a fellow boxer. His tone underscored an immense respect for Fury, not just as a boxer, but as a human being.

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He continued, “John Fury is a legend in our game, bro. I’m telling you, man, I wish more fighters were like [him], passionate about the game. We love John Fury, bro, I’m telling you 100% hand on my heart I love John Fury.” This bold declaration highlighted Fury’s significant impact on the boxing world and Chisora’s personal admiration.


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Taking the conversation deeper, Chisora painted an evocative picture of John Fury’s steadfast character. He passionately elaborated, “John Fury is a man’s man; they don’t make those anymore. Guys who protect their wives, their family, and their friends. The guys who go out there and make the money for their family, there’s none of that. Even if you pay John Fury right now, say, ‘John Fury, I’m going to pay you a billion gazillion dollars to put lipsticks on and walk around wearing high heels,’ he’ll say no.”

By interweaving admiration with a colorful hypothetical scenario, Chisora effectively emphasized Fury’s unwavering principles and commitment. This heartfelt homage, peppered with vivid imagery, showcases the depth of respect between two titans of the boxing world.


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It serves as a potent reminder that in an era of fleeting fame and quick gains, the core principles that define us remain paramount. Transitioning to our readers, it prompts an important reflection: In today’s dynamic world, where do you draw the line when it comes to compromising your values? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

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