Derek Jeter Reiterates His Biggest Red Flag in Latest Surprise Appearance Alongside Rob Riggle and Nate Burleson

Red flags are common in everyone’s life. They symbolize the danger, the toxic people, or the habits that one should avoid. Even the coolest captain in MLB history is no exception. Derek Jeter also has limitations; if someone once seems to be a red flag for him, he no longer connects to them. Though the former Yankees captain never really opened up about his personal choices and preferences, he once revealed his biggest red flag that he has never tolerated.

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Captain Clutch doesn’t really share his life in public or actively use social media. Even in his interviews, he mostly focuses on baseball or his family. However, recently, one of his interviews with two other personalities from two distant fields has revealed some of his preferences that surprise fans.

Derek Jeter Exposes His Biggest Red Flag


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Since retirement, the 5x World Series Champion has almost cut off his relationship with mainstream media. Besides interviews, he never really has public appearances like others. So, the Player’s Tribune arranged an interview session with three legends, Derek Jeter, Rob Riggle, and Nate Burleson, to reveal some secrets of their lives. Though the session started with some questions, it eventually came to the red flag issue.

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About the biggest red flag of their lives, while the others revealed theirs, Jeter said, “Liars. Liar, if you like to me, call it a character flaw but I’m done with you.” However, one of his partners also echoed almost the same red flag as Jeter’s.

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The standup comedian revealed “lying” as a red flag with another two including “farting in the bed” and “not tipping.”  However, Burleson took a differnt standpoint saying, “sometimes they are pink, sometimes they are blend between red and pink.” Later very interestingly, he revealed, “Red flags don’t exists.”

However, this sessions go to different directions later and unfolds some crazy secrets and preferences of these legendary figures. The MLB star even talked about the horoscope and sign.


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Derek Jeter Shared His Believe in Astrology

While revolving around in a spiritual atmosphere, the horoscope and astrology related question is almost bound to come. As the expected one is asked about the sign, the legend revealed, he don’t believe in astrology. According to him “they leave it open-ended.” However, the legend revealed, he is a cancer and his horoscope matches his character. Like he revealed, “I’m very sensitive. It’s true. That’s accurate.”

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This interview threw light on several unknown aspect and secrets of Jeter’s life opening the distinct sides of his character.

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