Despite Being a Half of “Best Bundle in the League”, Travis Kelce Makes a Heartfelt Prayer to Patrick Mahomes With His On-Field Identity in Danger

Would there even be a Patrick Mahomes, if there was not a Travis Kelce? They are no doubt one of the best combos in the league and their camaraderie on the field extends off the field as well. Now, the two have partnered up with one of America’s largest insurance companies to endorse another “best bundle of the league”.

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The previous spots with the 2x Super Bowler and the KCC Head Coach Andy Reid and another one with Mahomes and his team were praised for their wit and humor. The latest one keeps does not disappoint either.

We know Mahomes, but who is Maauto?


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In the latest spot for State Farm, the fierce duo highlighted the benefits of bundled insurance. The insurance company’s face Jake from State Farm can be seen handing out jerseys to the two of them. However, the Kansas City Chiefs TE Travis Kelce doesn’t look so pleased. While Mahomes’ jersey bears the name MAHOMES, Kelce’s jersey is named MAAUTO. What’s MAAUTO, you ask?

Just like Mahomes and Kelce are the best bundle in the league, the best bundle in insurance is home insurance and auto insurance. Get it? MaHomes and MaAuto. While Pat gets to retain his name, Kelce’s identity on the field would be obliterated. We know Kelce, but who is Maauto? He pleads with Jake and Patrick that he gets to keep his name and Patrick changes his to “Kelce how much you can save by bundling home and auto.” Does not exactly roll off the tongue, does it?

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But the TE has to bear with it as they get called for practice by their coach. The ad brilliantly leverages the two’s partnership on the field to promote the company’s home and auto bundled insurance. We know about the Homes-Kelce partnership on the field, but does it extend to when they are not playing?

Teammates, co-investors, and… family


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Chiefs fans were disappointed when their team lost their season opener against the Detroit Lions by merely 1 point, and one of the biggest reasons for the loss was the missing Kelce-Mahomes partnership. However, in the very next match against the Jacksonville Jaguars, they won a 17-9 victory. Fans rejoiced as their iconic partnership was back with a bang. 

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In an interview, Kelce said that he knows everyone in Patrick’s life and the 2x SB MVP knows everyone in Kelce’s. The two are so close that they practically consider each other family. They also spend a lot of time together off the gridiron, attend sporting events together, and even participate in community-building activities. The investment-savvy duo also invested in a local pickleball ‘eatertainment’ company Chicken N Pickle.


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The 1-1 Kansas City Chiefs are set to face the 0-2 Chicago Bears on September 25. Will the “best bundle in the league” continue to shine through and lead the Chiefs to victory? Chiefs fans are hopeful.

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