Despite Losing to Rebeca Andrade, Simone Biles Leaves Belgium With Unlikely Supporter From World Artistic Gymnastics Championships

The name of Simone Biles has stayed afloat in the realm of gymnastics for years while that of her rival’s is just marking the beginning. The 26-year-old world champion has climbed heights unreachable, remaining undefeated for the most part. However, a rising name in Brazilian gymnastics, Rebeca Andrade, has treaded her way one step at a time; catching up to the legendary gymnast.

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Though a great distance falls between, Rebeca has ensured to mark her name along the path. The fierceness and sharp strides, the two gymnasts enclose have earned them a spot on the pedestal forcing neither of the two to refuse to take a step back. While their rivalry has grasped the audience on the floor, they stand far away from the same as they descend the stage. Simone and Rebecca returning to their base after a nail-biting rivalry at the 2023 Worlds, were captured defying anything present in the bad taste. 

Simone Biles erases traces of rivalry


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The 2023 World Gymnastics Championship saw a fierce battle between the two all-around champions in the contest. The thrilling performances yielded surprising results lasting in favor of the rising star. Whilst the common notion would appeal toward a continued distance, a recent update on the X has curbed the strong sense of rivalry.

On the 9th of October, a page on the social media platform X posted a video showcasing both Simone and Rebecca on a dance floor. Interestingly,  that wasn’t all. As the music played in the background and the crowd around moved, the two gymnasts were captured holding arms as they talked and danced facing each other. Sharing the post, the page tagged the two as “BFFs.”

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Though the air of the 2023 Worlds is seeing a steady settlement, the results and the outcomes continue to linger; in this case, of the notable contention between the echoing names. Rebbeca Andrade and Simone Biles.


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Rebecca closely trails rival at 2023 Worlds

In 2022, Rebecca Andrade scored a gold in the World Gymnastics Championship all-around. The feat pushed Rebecca to become only the second Brazilian female gymnast to earn the title. Previously competing at the 2021 Olympics, the 24-year-old also became the first female gymnast to bag a medal at the event. These stellar achievements of hers put Rebecca on the map, garnering recognition.

Rebecca next stepped on the Worlds 2023 mat where with a difference of over point a half in al–around, she trailed Simone to earn a silver; with a total of 56.766. A 14.700 on the vault and a 14.066 on the floor placed Rebecca right behind the champion in the second position. But in the interesting turn of events, Rebecca reigned a champion on one of the apparatus during the final leg. Taking over the Vault in the apparatus finals, Rebecca scored 15.000 and 14.500 which led her to the top of the table. While Simone Biles slipped right next to her with a difference of 0.201.


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The fight for the top spot or not, the two have exemplified the healthy rivalry taking over the sporting world. With every remarkable talent the two embrace, they tread to shine the path they walk. leaving the spectators waiting for more.

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