Despite Playoff Pressure Gone, $162M Yankees “Worst Signing” Crumbles With Another Unfortunate Outing, Leaving Fans Frustrated

Brian Cashman has proven his lack of abilities yet again. The New York Yankees have had a rough go in 2023, with no postseason appearance for the first time in seven years. Some blame injuries or slumps but most recognize that the blame lies on the front office. While it’s to be expected that all hopes will not be met, The Bronx Bombers have been woefully unprepared for their troubles. Carlos Rodon is living proof.

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The 30-year-old was the only major signing by the Yankees last offseason, in addition to renewing Aaron Judge‘s contract. Cashman reasoned that he had unwavering faith in his team, which, incidentally, failed rather spectacularly in 2023. What’s worse, their biggest signing from last winter has also been the biggest disappointment and still continues to play the same way.

Even With No Postseason Stress, Carlos Rodon Fails to Take the Mound


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Across just 64 ¹/₃ innings and 14 starts in 2023, Carlos Rodon has been a huge letdown in his first year in pinstripes. Bronx fans may have forgiven an injury or two, just as they did with their captain. But Judge came back to perform as if he had never been missing. Unfortunately, the same wasn’t the case with the Yankees pitcher.

Finishing with a 6.85 ERA, Rodon will not play October baseball in his first year with a new team. New York had been relying on him but he seemingly crumbled under the pressure. Now that The Bronx Bombers are firmly out of the playoffs, there’s less strain to finish the season perfectly. The team is ending September against a franchise ranking at the bottom of MLB in stats.

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But Rodon is still the same. Yesterday against The Kansas City Royals, the left-hander gave up too many runs right from the first inning. Facing eight batters, Rodon couldn’t get an out in thirty-five pitches, as The Royals ultimately won 12-5. Apparently, he was so in disbelief over his own performance that when pitching coach Matt Blake tried to talk to him, Rodon turned his back on him.

“I was just frustrated,” the pitcher said later. “I’m sure it was [disrespectful]. I’m sure it wasn’t great. Definitely not the best move. It shouldn’t happen. I was frustrated with myself and my performance. Really embarrassing. Doing that with Matt coming out trying to help me, I turned my back. I was just not in the right mind, that’s for sure. That’s on me.”

New York Yankees Fans Are Once Again Furious

In a season of disappointments, it doesn’t get worse than this. Yankee Stadium’s attendance drastically went down during the last homestand series. With their final game away from home, Bronx fans are taking to social media to let out their disappointment.

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Many think Rodon was the “Worst signing of the offseason.”

One fan mocked their lack of playoff appearance.

Another pointed out the Yankees’ obvious mistake.

One was loving the team’s downfall.

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One declared it the “worst contract in pro sports.”


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Rodon has certainly not given a reason to Yankees fans for believing in him. 2023 has been a terrible stain on the club’s records. If the pitcher wants to get back in New York’s good graces, 2024 must be better.

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