Explore Yankees Legend Alex Rodriguez’s Unfiltered Take On Baseball With Rival, Friend, and Red Sox Legend David Ortiz in a 2-Year-Old Heart-To-Heart Conversation

Sworn enemies on the field, Alex Rodriguez and David Ortiz found an unlikely friendship off of it. In pinstripes and reds, A-Rod and Ortiz were with the team against each other. But that never stopped their budding bromance and exchange of advice. Years into their retirement, the former New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox player sat down in August 2021 to talk about everything baseball. Rodriguez may have even indulged in his personal life and the infamous Derek Jeter stories.

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There were undoubtedly discussions of the 696 but not 700 home run mark and how history could have changed with a certain acceptance on Rodriguez’s part. The former Yankees slugger also delved into his relationship with his daughters, how the 2009 World Series brought him just 1% joy, and what the Hall of Fame means to him.

Alex Rodriguez Joined “Big Papi” David Ortiz to Talk About Baseball, Family, and a Friendship That Transcended Rivalries


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  • David Ortiz jokes about 5 more rings as A-Rod’s failed Red Sox move comes up

  • Alex Rodriguez was one step away from ending his legendary career before it even started

  • A-Rod turned into a robot when he joined the New York Yankees

  • Alex Rodriguez promised not to mess up parenting like his father did

  • The Yankees legend and David Ortiz would exchange advice despite Yankees’ rivalry

  • What A-Rod misses the most about baseball

  • Alex Rodriguez looks back on what might have happened if he had joined the Red Sox

  • Rodriguez details struggles of fitting in as a Yankee

  • The 2009 World Series win was 1% joy and 99% relief for Alex Rodriguez

  • A-Rod addressed the Derek Jeter feud

  • Alex reveals his worst and best career years

  • After the final Yankees game, A-Rod had a shocking chance for 700 home runs

  • A-Rod opens up on what the Hall of Fame means to him

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Rodriguez and Ortiz have stayed connected to the baseball world even after retirement with their stints as MLB analysts. Throughout 2023, they have covered considerable events in the baseball world, such as the World Baseball Classic and the MLB London Series. A friendship that has survived years of rivalry and pressure, Ortiz and Rodriguez are going as strong as ever today!

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