Fed Leftover Food to a Hungry Cristiano Ronaldo in Childhood, Lady Details Encounter With Al Nassr Star

Cristiano Ronaldo‘s journey to success is nothing less than enchanting. While the world remains captivated by his extraordinary skills on the field, only a few are aware that his life wasn’t always filled with such glory. Yet, even during his most challenging moments, a beacon of love and care emerged in Ronaldo’s life in the form of a woman. A godsend, the woman selflessly shared leftover food with a hungry Ronaldo during his early days at Sporting Lisbon.

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Ronaldo too once talked about the time he and his friends would head to a woman who would feed them leftover food from a restaurant. After the death of Ronaldo’s father, there was no one to provide at home. And so, a young Ronaldo sought the way of soccer to overcome the cards he had been dealt.

The hands that fed Cristiano Ronaldo


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Cristiano Ronaldo’s rise to stardom was a journey fueled not just by his determination but by the compassion of those who recognized his potential. In the early days, his family struggled financially, making basic necessities like food a lavish choice. Despite these challenges, he pursued his passion, joining Sporting Lisbon’s youth team. During his Sporting days, Ronaldo and his teammates faced hunger and often had to rely on a nearby McDonald’s for sustenance. The staff, including Edna and two other girls, provided them with leftover hamburgers.

Paula Leca, a McDonald’s worker who witnessed these moments, held onto the memories. In an interview with Esto, she said, “They would appear in front of the restaurant and when there were hamburgers left over, our manager would give us permission to deliver them. One of the guys was Cristiano Ronaldo, who was perhaps the shyest of all .”

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Her family initially doubted her connection to the young Ronaldo. Leca further added, “I still laugh about it all now. I had already told my son this, but he thought it was a lie because he couldn’t imagine his mother giving Cristiano Ronaldo a hamburger. My husband already knew, because sometimes he would pick me up from work at night and he would see it too.”

In the story of Ronaldo’s ascent, these unsung heroes, their kindness, and the hands that fed him will forever hold a special place in his heart. Cristiano Ronaldo, in an interview with Good Britain, reflected on these moments and expressed his ongoing quest to find the women and express his gratitude to them.

The Portuguese icon still remembers Edna


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In an interview, Cristiano Ronaldo recounted a chapter from his early life. The 5x Ballon d’Or winner reflected on the time when he was just 12 years old. A nostalgic Ronaldo said, ” I lived with other players my age from other parts of Portugal. It was difficult without my family.” In those trying moments, their solace came from a nearby McDonald’s, where they would humbly request leftover hamburgers. Ronaldo further added, “I remember there was a McDonalds nearby where we would order the leftover hamburgers and a lady called Edna and two other girls would always give us some.”

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When Edna came to realize that Ronaldo had been trying to find her for a long time, she came forward. Edna expressed her joy at being remembered by Ronaldo and highlighted the genuine humility that defined him. Edna then further revealed that she and Ronaldo had developed a friendship over the years and had even enjoyed a casual cup of coffee together. Cristiano Ronaldo’s rise to success from being a poor lad from Portugal underscores the impact humility and kindness have on a person.


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