Golf Queen Paige Spiranac’s Rival Mikayla Demaiter Takes a Bold Detour Leaving the 30-year-old Confined To Her Ethics

Among the many golf influencers brightening the social media space, Paige Spiranac is a complex character to understand. While it is easy to judge her based on the controversies and online discussions about her, there is more to the golfer-turned-influencer. She has been vocal about her life too, regularly taking the time to share her narrative on the web.

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Comparisons often occur between appearance and her rivals, who compete with her to emulate her success. One such comparison has recently risen on the horizon, with one of her younger social media ‘peers.’ There are definite similarities between the two, however, there are many differences too.

The new glam queen in sports-influencers-ville


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Mikayla Demaiter is a popular social media star from an ice hockey background. She decided to pursue a social media life a few years back. While she is not exactly a golf influencer, she is competing in the female-sports-star-turned-influencer space.

The 23-year-old is bold enough to step outside certain boundaries that Paige Spiranac herself never crossed. Demaiter’s outfits often go beyond the accepted norms and are often categorized as revealing.

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The Canadian star was playing in junior hockey until 2019 when she sustained a knee injury. Following the injury, she announced her retirement from the sport and pursued social media attention. Well, she got what she wanted. The star now has over 5 million followers across platforms. For those unfamiliar with the star, here is the most recent reel she shared on her Instagram profile.

While Paige Spiranac also became notorious for her bold clothing, the context is different. Her boldness was relatively less rebellious compared to Demaiter. And the drive behind her boldness did not stem from what would work in the digital space. 

Spiranac has explained her history with fashion and it would probably help if we revisit her story a bit. 


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Why Paige Spiranac is complex?

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The reason Spiranac is complex to understand is that people misinterpret her motives and goals often. The golf beauty focuses on eliminating hard and fast rules to let people freely pursue what works for them. She understands being an athlete well, and that motivated her bold fashion choices. Spiranac once narrated how she grew up being a gymnast and she had to wear spandex and revealing but comfortable clothing to perform with ease. 

In her opinion, an athlete should dress for comfort and not to conform to the conventions of the society. She also explained how the golf dress code was often too strict and impractical. She even cited Lucas Glover as an example at an opportune moment. 


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While the extra mile that the young stars take might give them a competitive edge, Paige Spiranac is probably not worried about that. She may limit herself from the immediate rewards she might earn by pushing herself too far, but it doesn’t appear as if she will change her core identity. Well, we can only spectate and speculate, and let’s do just that. Time will tell if the golf beauty will dull out in the presence of bolder stars emerging in the space of late. 

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