“Guns to the Head”: Edge Explains How He Used the Cinematic Impact of His ‘I Quit’ Match to Set Up Rhea Ripley vs. Beth Phoenix Showdown

Edge had a nasty rivalry with The Judgment Day. He created the faction but the members of the stable he brought in backstabed him later on. A brutal feud culminated between him and the members of the faction. The feud also saw his wife, Beth Phoenix, getting thrown into the mix.

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But it turns out it was his own idea to bring his wife into the rivalry to make his storyline more intriguing. Dive deep with us as we explore how he used the cinematic impact of his ‘I quit’ match to wage a war between Rhea Ripley and ‘The Glamazon’.

Edge is proud of his decision


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Edge recently had an interview with Chris Jericho on his Talk is Jericho podcast. During the interview, he stated that he was the one who got Beth Phoenix involved in his rivalry with The Judgment Day. It was his idea to bring in his wife to pitch her against Ripley and use her as a great prop for his storyline against The Judgment Day.

He said, “So I was really proud of that ‘I quit’ match. And really trying to make that last 10 minutes or so feel like the movie where the husband is trying to save his wife or vice versa. And the guns to the head that’s what I wanted that to feel like. I’m really proud of that.”

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Edge states that he planned his ‘I quit’ match against Finn Balor in such a way that paved a path to Phoenix’s return to the promotion and, thus, a feud with ‘The Eradicator’. The response from the WWE Universe made him realize that he was successful in his efforts.

The time when Rhea Ripley almost cost Beth Phoenix her life


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It all started at the Extreme Rules event, held in October 2022. Finn Balor emerged victorious in an intense “I Quit” match against the WWE Hall of Famer. But his victory was not that simple. During the match, Ripley threatened to attack Phoenix, with a con-chair-to.

To prevent his wife from any harm, Edge ultimately quit the match. Despite Edge giving up, Ripley still attacked Phoenix with the maneuver, causing ‘The Glamazon’ to go on a long hiatus. She returned in January at Royal Rumble and attacked Ripley. Thus setting up a mixed tag team match against ‘The Eradicator’ and Balor alongside her husband.


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At Elimination Chamber, the husband-wife duo faced The Judgement Day members and even won the match. Do you think the former WWE superstar was successful in his effort to use his storyline to bring in Beth Phoenix? Let us know your thoughts below.

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