Having ‘Tricked’ Michael Jordan Into Breaking 1 Norm, Here’s How 45YO NASCAR Driver Obtained ‘Priceless’ Relic

NBA legend Michael Jordan is one of the most popular athletes the world has ever seen. MJ was so famous  during his baseball stint, that even his teammates and opponents would queue up to get his signature on sneakers, jerseys, etc. Given his superstardom, his signature had immense value and still does, even though he has been retired for two decades now. The 6x NBA champion would gladly sign during his heyday.

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However, MJ rarely signs anymore, a NASCAR driver recently revealed. But the Chicago Bulls legend walked into an interesting trap and was ‘tricked’ by the 45-year-old racer.

The fight for Michael Jordan’s signature 


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Michael Jordan memorabilia are some of the most expensive collectibles in the world of sports. Notably, the game-worn jersey of Jordan from the 1998 NBA Finals was sold for a whopping $10 million recently. Similarly, other collectibles of MJ like game-worn sneakers, rookie cards, etc. also have a massive value as well. And if it is signed by the man himself, it could easily fetch six figures in an auction.

Most serious collectors would not mind shelling out massive amounts given Jordan collectibles tend to only increase in value over time. Like many, NASCAR driver Kurt Busch was aware of this. So when he signed with 23XI Racing, he devised a plan to have an MJ-signed rookie card. And he succeeded.

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Busch recently revealed the story behind it during an appearance on the Stacking Pennies with Corey LaJoie podcast.

He stated that Jordan rarely signs anymore, but he had an idea after seeing his signature on the contract. He thought that he could get MJ to sign a memorabilia. So he reached out to his contact and bought a Jordan rookie card for an undisclosed amount.

Interestingly, Busch gave the card to the NBA Hall of Famer as a birthday present. He also gave him a pen to sign. Busch said, “If you sign that, you keep it, you hold on to it. But when we win together, I get it back.”

It is no secret that the 5x NBA MVP loves a good bet. His Airness accepted the challenge and signed it. Busch added that after he won in Kansas, he received the card. The hosts could not believe the incredible story and were in awe.


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A win for Michael Jordan

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Michael Jordan is a huge competitor and is obsessed with success. Be it a card game or a round of golf, MJ wants to win.

He even once hilariously cheated during a card game against his former teammate’s mother. From The Last Dance docuseries, fans loved his coin game with a Bulls’ security guard. It showed the 14x NBA All-Star does not always win, and he is human after all.


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However, the challenge with Kurt Busch for the rookie card is a win-win for both parties and it is one Jordan would not mind losing.

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