“He’ll Surpass Brady”: Fans Enthralled as Patrick Mahomes Trounces All His 31 Opponents in Less Than 2000 Days

Patrick Mahomes recently added another milestone to his already impressive resume. When Tom Brady referred to Mahomes as “a tough guy,” Brady likely knew that one-day comparisons between them would become commonplace. There’s no denying that when people discuss the NFL’s best quarterbacks, the names Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes invariably come up. For many fans, choosing between the two is a challenging task, and it’s not difficult to see why.

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When Brady entered the league, he astounded everyone by quickly establishing himself as a young, rising star. Brady succeeded in turning his then-team, the New England Patriots, into a strong and successful franchise. To this day, many people think of the Patriots as “Tom Brady’s team.” A similar phenomenon occurred with Mahomes, in his first game with the Kansas City Chiefs, he secured a victory, leaving his mark as a first-game winner among quarterbacks. Now, it wouldn’t be inaccurate to say that Mahomes is not far behind Brady, as his recent record indicates that he is indeed the young GOAT.

The saga of legends continues…


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Tom Brady stands alone as the only player with more than five Super Bowl victories and five MVP titles in the game’s history. Widely acknowledged as the greatest quarterback to grace the sport, Brady boasts three NFL MVP awards, three first-team All-Pro selections, and an impressive 15 Pro Bowl appearance. He’s the fastest quarterback to reach 100 career wins and holds the NFL record for most regular-season touchdowns.

On the contrary, in his first full season as a starter, Patrick Mahomes joined an exclusive club with legends like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady by throwing an impressive 50 passing touchdowns. At just 23 years old, he matched Dan Marino as the youngest to surpass 5,000 passing yards in a single season. Recently, he achieved the record of being the youngest quarterback to defeat all 31 rival teams in just six years of his NFL career. He’s rapidly rising above other seasoned quarterbacks in the league. And it won’t be long before he becomes the face of the NFL, just like Tom Brady is today.

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With numerous accolades, including two Super Bowl victories and MVP titles, the 28-year-old is swiftly closing in on Brady’s legendary status. Fans seem to agree. His recent accomplishment of defeating all 31 teams in less than 2000 days has become a viral sensation.

Patrick Mahomes: Adolescent GOAT from Baby GOAT!

This season stands as irrefutable proof that Mahomes is forging a path that will remain unmatched for years to come. If he continues for the next six or seven years, he is destined to surpass the legendary Tom Brady. One fan even acknowledged this by stating, “Mini GOAT. Will be goat in 7-10 years. On pace to shatter all records. Super Bowl wins only metric in question, but with time the doubters will become silent….


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Another fan chimed in, “Baby GOAT has graduated to adolescent GOAT. When he gets number three, he’ll be young adult GOAT, and when he matches Brady’s 7, he’ll surpass Brady as the true GOAT.

Someone marveled, “That’s crazy. Can’t imagine his career stats at the end of it all.” Yet another fan pondered, “Man mahomes is special… how on earth did so many teams pass up on him in the draft… geez.


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When Patrick Mahomes first set foot on the field with the Chiefs, it was clear the Red Sea had found their franchise-changing superstar. His star shone so brightly that he added sunglasses to his ever-growing list of sponsorship deals. In 2019, Mahomes made history. He’s the first NFL athlete to sign an endorsement deal with Oakley, an official on-field partner of the league. With his expanding portfolio of endorsements and records, Mahomes has unequivocally claimed the title of the top QB this season. It’s only a matter of time before he becomes the face of the NFL.

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