‘Help Is on the Way’ Colorado Buffs Coach Prime Deion Sanders Encounters an Unexpected Guest in His Office, Ahead of Oregon Battle

Deion Sanders is the force behind the CU Buffs’ absolute dominance in the current season. Prime Time, the 2X SWAC trophy winner is invincible at the moment, and there seems no arena that he can’t conquer. From his explosive presentations, and meetings to innovative strategies, Coach Prime has become a quintessential facet of the Buffs’ success. However, amidst all these heroics, Sanders took to Twitter to point out a hilarious encounter.

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His game awareness is bearing fruit. With comprehensive victories against TCU, Nebraska, and Colorado State. However, hours before the match’s kickoff, an unexpected guest ventured into the HC’s office. Deion didn’t seem one bit pleased and immediately called back for reinforcements. The unwelcomed visitor is perhaps the great matchup against Sanders. With the coach looking almost unbeatable, someone has scared him! Has Prime Time found his nemesis? Who is this guest that could spook the utterly confident Sanders?

Rodent alert: Deion Sanders is scared! 


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Deion Sanders has created a visual impact on the Buffs’ side. Not sure who turned up in his office whether it was Deion Sanders or his alter ego. Regardless, the Eddie Robinson 2021 Award winner was definitely scared and told his followers. “I’m scared, I can’t do this. I can’t live like this. I’m in Boulder, Colorado. I cannot live like this. So help is going to be on the way today. One of us has got to go.” 

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It’s not a usual sighting seeing Coach Prime being scared. The hilarious encounter was brought to light as Sanders sat in his office and made eye contact with the mouse! Prime Time gave a narrative of the incident. “Something looking at me like, ‘What’s up?’ and I looked down and made eye contact…and it’s over.”

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He further explained. “I’m early, really early. I come here early, but I need to wait for everybody to get in because they’re gonna have somebody come in and take these shoes and take everything out of this office because I made eye contact with a mouse.”

So there’s someone whom even the HC fears and no it’s not the Oregon side! Off-field Sanders is running home with a growing list of fans every day! With another popular TV host chipping in with his praises.

Sanders gets the ultimate appreciation from Bayless


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At this stage, Sanders might just run for president! His fans are ever-growing on a daily basis. Recently, Skip Bayless joined with the appreciation for the head coach. Sanders is scripting history for Colorado and Bayless is well aware of that. Bayless joins several others whose Saturday life now revolves all-around Colorado’s matches!

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Bayless even went on to say that not only him but even his wife asked about the match timings. Such has been the impact of Coach Prime and the turnaround is for everyone to see! A once done and dusted side with many writing them off. Have returned from hell and back to usher under a new messiah- Deion Sanders!


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Fans would be waiting with bated breaths to see the Buffs in action soon! The 2X SB winner player is now eyeing the matchup against Oregon. With Sanders not taking a foot wrong this season, he’d be looking to triumph in his next assignment.

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