Here’s How to Get the Classic Doom Shotgun in Call of Duty Modern Warfare II

Call of Duty Modern Warfare II devs have been putting all their efforts to please the community since the last few months. The underwhelming performance of the game has made players disinterested, to say the least. However, this situation may change soon, thanks to the recent release of Season 6. It has got some pretty unexpected surprises to sway the fans.

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Since its launch, MWII has revealed tons of collaborations. From footballers, fictional TV characters, to gaming icon Lara Croft, players have seen it all. Now, with the arrival of Season 6, the devs have planned to unleash another gaming-based crossover. It will feature none other than the Doom series. What’s interesting to know is that players will be able to get their hands on a classic weapon from Bethesda’s iconic franchise.

A classic Doom Super Shotgun is coming to Call of Duty Modern Warfare II Season 6


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The Super Shotgun was initially unveiled in Doom 2 by id Software. Since then, the side-by-side double-barreled gun has become popular among the fans due to its multiple appearances. Yes, it has got a slow reloading speed, but the damage done in close-range encounters is something one can’t ignore.

Well, this Super Shotgun is now going to make its Call of Duty debut. Thanks to Modern Warfare II’s Season 6, players will soon receive a Doom crossover in the ongoing installment.

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It won’t be too difficult for players to get this classic Doom weapon in MWII. The shotgun will be part of a bundle, set to release on the ninth of October. Interested users can simply purchase this bundle for 2,400 COD Points, containing the Super Shotgun. It will have Vintage Tracers and the Pixel Spray Death Effect.

Here are a few more rewards, apart from the aforementioned gun, players can get for buying the throwback bundle:

  • ‘Chainsaw’ melee blueprint (with Pixel Spray Death Effect)
  • ‘Doomguy’ Gunscreen
  • ‘DOOM’ Weapon Charm
  • ‘Cacodeman’ and ‘Slayer’ Stickers
  • ‘Gibs’, ‘Healthy Mug’, ‘Lost Soul’, and ‘POV’ Emblems

What else is there in Season 6 for Modern Warfare II players?


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The devs have revealed three new weapons as well in the latest update. Apart from ISO 9mm SMG and Dual Kamas blades, there’s also the TR-76 Geist assault rifle. Moreover, the game has also witnessed the introduction of four Multiplayer maps. While two of them are for core 6v6 modes, the other two are battle maps.

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Season 6 is dedicated to the anti-hero Spawn from Image Comics. Hence, the players have got a unique Battle Pass inspired by the comic book character. They can unlock three Operator skins based on him. Plus, there are other Operators also whose skins are themed on Spawn.


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Coming back to the Doom shotgun, it will arrive next week in MWII’s store. Anyone in for a nostalgic ride or a hardcore Doom fan will definitely opt for it.

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