“How Is He Making Money”- as $100K Penalty Looms Over, Joe Rogan Puzzled Over Dillon Danis’ Income After Not Fighting for 4 Years

Dillon Danis is an MMA fighter. But, he only has two fights on his professional record, and the main reason he became famous is his talent for being a good troll. This is why many tend to object to Danis being characterized as a fighter. Danis has the rest of his life to prove these critics wrong. What can no longer be in doubt, however, is his ability to market a fight and generate hype for it.

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He has proven this in the run-up to his upcoming fight against Logan Paul in Manchester this month. So much so that Joe Rogan, Sean O’Malley, and ‘Suga’s coach Tim Welch discussed it on episode 147 of the JRE MMA Show, where they were puzzled by one particular thing.

Joe Rogan’s surprise compliment for Jake Paul


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Joe Rogan and his guests were discussing how many aspects, other than being a good fighter, it takes to be successful in the fight game. The UFC commentator observed that there were many fighters who had a lot of talent and ability. But, because they are not able to market themselves and catch fans’ attention and fancy, never really make the kind of money that they should.

“There’s so many guys that are really talented, but for whatever reason, the public’s not captivated by them. And so they just never quite hot their potential in terms of, like, revenue,” the Texas resident said.

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Welch reminded Rogan and ‘Suga’ of the YouTube celebrity boxers who are able to make a lot of money on the back of the publicity they can generate. This is when Rogan raised the Danis question. But before that he complimented Danis’rival Jake Paul.

Jake Paul’s the f***ing man. What he’s done is pretty amazing,” he said. Being complimented by a figure like Rogan is a feather in the cap for Paul. However, the same cannot be said for Dillon Danis.

Rogan wonders how Dillon Danis will make money


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A curious Rogan asked his guests if Dillon Danis was pulling out of the fight. “So, is that Dillon Danis fight off with Logan Paul?” Rogan asked. O’Malley told Rogan Danis had initially tweeted something that implied he was pulling out, but saw later that he did not, in fact, pull out. “I saw him tweet “f***ing I’m out, peace” or something. But then I’ve seen someone confirm that he didn’t pull out,” O’Malley responded.

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This made Rogan ponder how Danis made money since he had not fought in Bellator for a long time. Danis last fought at Bellator 222 in June 2019. “But if he doesn’t show up, how’s he making money? He’s a great troll. I mean for a guy, the last time he fought was in Bellator, when? How long ago?” Rogan wondered.


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The amount of publicity and hype Danis has created around the fight almost single-handedly managed to generate is nothing short of exceptional. And with a $100k penalty clause in Danis’ contract, chances are still good that the bout goes ahead.

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