“I Don’t Care If He’s Got Houdini In His Corner”: Days After Mike Tyson’s Bold Prediction, John Fury Remains Unfazed for Son Tyson Fury’s Fate Against Francis Ngannou

In a recent interview that delved into the intricacies of the boxing world, John Fury, renowned boxing enthusiast and father to heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, exuded unwavering confidence regarding his son’s upcoming match.

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 With the two titans set out to go against each other in a highly anticipated match on October 28, Tyson Fury has been under heat for accepting a fight from Francis Ngannou, ex-UFC heavyweight, instead of defending his title against skilled boxing counterparts. Mike Tyson spoke out about his trainee Ngannou, commending his punching prowess and predicting the possibility of a knockout.

Amidst speculations surrounding the opponent’s punching power, John remained resolute, dismissing concerns with a decisive tone.


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A Father’s Confidence: Tyson Fury Unbeatable

When questioned about Tyson’s apprehensions regarding the opponent’s formidable punching prowess, John’s response was swift and unequivocal. “Not really,” he stated firmly. “He’d be doing well if he could land on Tyson, won’t he? If he can hit Tyson, I’ll stick a medal on him.” John’s words resonated with a solid assurance, reflecting his deep understanding of the sport and his son’s capabilities.

Throughout the interview, John’s unwavering support for his son was palpable. Unquestionably, As a trainer, boxing expert, and devoted father, he stood as a beacon of confidence in the face of doubts. “I don’t care if he’s got Houdini in his corner, never mind Mike Tyson,” he asserted. “What I’m looking at can’t beat my son.” Without a doubt these words echoed with paternal pride, encapsulating the unbreakable bond between a father and his child, even within the realm of professional sports.

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Subsequently, addressing the opponent’s strength, John drew comparisons to past challenges Tyson had faced in the heavyweight arena. “Every man is Deontay,” he pointed out. “Deontay Wilder was a big strong man. Is he any different from the other 34 opponents Tyson faced? They can all punch.” This candid analysis underscored John’s perspective on the opponent’s abilities, highlighting that raw power alone might not be enough to secure victory in the boxing ring.

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Furthermore, John Fury’s response was based on Mike Tyson’s recent remarks, the ex-UFC champion  Francis Ngannou has thoroughly impressed Tyson with his skills. According to Mike, Ngannou has surpassed even his trainer’s initial expectations, displaying a remarkable range of abilities. Mike Tyson stated, I am helping Ngannou. I am learning what he is able to do. He’s able to do so much more than I anticipated.” Besides,  the former heavyweight champion believes Ngannou possesses the necessary qualities to knock out anyone


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This resounding confidence, coming from Mike Tyson, the former boxing legend is a surefire guarantee of an electric fight that is anticipated on October 28th.

Undoubtedly John Fury’s unwavering confidence in ‘Gypsy King’s abilities speaks volumes. Dismissing concerns about the opponent’s punching power, John’s seasoned perspective highlights the complexities of the boxing world. In conclusion, with a firm belief in his son’s prowess, he sees Tyson triumphing effortlessly. His conviction underscores a father’s unwavering faith in his champion.


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Have you marked your calendars for the big bout yet? Who do you think will win? Comment below!

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