“I Don’t Remember What Happened” – Former Football Player’s Remarkable Journey From Gridiron to Cheerleading After Devastating Injury

Daniel Cody, a former college sports player, had once made his name synonymous with football prowess. As a standout sports person at La Grange College, Cody was all set to carve a path to gridiron glory. After joining the campus in 2020, the wide-eyed player was ready for a successful life on the field. Even after the annual season was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Cody still remained optimistic about his football outlook.

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But destiny had its own plans for Cody, leading him from the football field to the cheerleading mat. It all started with a devastating accident that took place shortly after his arrival at La Grange. While Cody was determined to join the football team, he encountered a sudden change of fate, which ultimately had a brutal impact on his career plans. On his way back from celebrating his mom’s birthday, Cody met with a crash, an unforgettable incident that dramatically twisted his dreams. However, that did not stop the passionate lad. 

Dreadful accident alters football player’s course of life 


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On that fateful day, Daniel Cody met with a sudden collision that involved a car crashing against him. The single-car incident resulted in him breaking his femur in half while also dislocating his knee. Recalling other details after the shocking moment, Cody stated, I was driving back from campus for my mom’s birthday and I don’t remember what happened from there..My other leg shoved about six inches up into my hip.” But the young football lover was not ready to accept a prolonged rest. He kept portraying his serious determination to return to the football field. 

While the clash drove him through grueling rehab and surgeries, Cody continued with his trials to get back in form. However, every time he neared recovery, setbacks were seen to loom. After undergoing the second surgery on his knees, Cody felt his joints buckle during a workout session. Immediately, the harsh reality dawned on him, showcasing how football could never be the same for the heartbroken player. With a heavy heart, Cody decided to hang up his football cleats, which marked the beginning of a new chapter of his life. 

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Footballer finds renewed spirits with cheerleading 

Cody’s astonishing career depicted that when one door closes, another opens up. A friend’s casual suggestion led him to try out for the cheerleading team. Uncertain about the unconventional shift, he remembers approaching it with humor. “As a joke, I said I will join the cheer team”, Cody recalled. Expecting skepticism due to his injuries and lack of cheer experience, Cody was initially hesitant to meet his college’s cheerleading team. However, what followed surprised him, granting the unfortunate man another chance to shine brightly. 

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Cody was instantly met with acceptance and enthusiasm from Coach Nicole Joseph. He soon found himself practicing tumbling and stunts with the cheerleading team, a far cry from his football days. The former footballer had some background in tap dance and gymnastics from his youth, which provided some foundation for his new venture. Sadly, the years of the gap had eroded his skills, but Cody faced the challengingly steep learning curve with persistence. His newfound cheerleading career also developed his greater upper body strength and flexibility. 


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One of Cody’s primary concerns was gaining the trust and acceptance of the female-dominated cheerleading team, especially coming from a football background. However, the warm reception he received dispelled each of those worries. Although he briefly left La Grange College during his recovery, Daniel Cody could not stay away for long. He quickly returned to his alma mater, where the ex-footballer proudly donned his Panther cheerleader uniform. Overcoming all fluctuations, Daniel Cody marked his inspiring tale with passion and glory. 

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