“I Don’t See It’s the Coach’s Fault” – As Jadon Sancho Faces Cristiano Ronaldo’s Fate, Zlatan Ibrahimovic Takes Erik Ten Hag’s Side With a Reality Check

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is known to be a straightforward person. He is not the one to hit around the bush. The 3x French Champion recently went candid in a talk show hosted by British journalist Piers Morgan. The conversation that unfolded gives us a detailed insight into the mind of the former Swedish striker. From comparing sex and goal to his opinion on Manchester United’s current coach, Erik Ten Hag. His compelling opinion provided a reality check for Manchester United as Jadon Sancho follows the Cristiano Ronaldo pathway.

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As the conversation switches from being funny to dealing with important questions targeted around the happenings at Old Trafford, Ibrahimovic explains his take on Ten Hag’s recent turmoil with Jadon Sancho.

Ibra believes the coach needs more experience


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A set of compelling questions were asked by Piers Morgan to Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Among them was a burning question that every fan had in their minds. Piers asked the former PSG striker’s opinion on the recent fiasco between Erik Ten Hag and Jadon Sancho. Piers further stresses if the United manager is incapable of handling big talents.

The former Swedish striker begins to give a comprehensive take on the situation he starts by saying, “I don’t say it’s the coach’s fault because experience you cannot buy, you need time to get the experience. But it’s two different situations being at united means being at united. Then if it’s his fault, I don’t think because I think everyone has a responsibility in the whole situation.”

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Ibra further adds to his explanation as he says, “We are a piece of puzzle from the big puzzle. Everybody has a responsibility to do and to fulfill their demands. You need a plan, you need a project to follow. Either you believe in it (the project) or you don’t. But with the situation with the coach, I think he’s living two different situations. I think he needs more time to get experience in how to handle a team.”

Piers had Ibrahimovic recall some of the moments from early on in his career. The question put forth by the journalist put a smile on Ibra’s face. The former Swedish strike then gave a sharp and witty reply to Piers’s question.

Ibrahimovic and Cristiano Ronaldo’s similar link


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Fans were astonished to know that the former AC Milan player had striking similarities with Cristiano Ronaldo. The one that interested the fans and Piers Morgan was that both the soccer stars could have ended up at Arsenal. Ibrahimovic stated that he didn’t join Arsenal as he doesn’t do trials. He ended the statement by saying, “I’m the Best, F**k the Rest”. The statement checked all the boxes for being a Zlatan style of statement.

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Cristiano Ronaldo was once a target for Arsene Wenger. The French manager had his eye set on the Portuguese talent but lost his signature to Manchester United who were quick to grab him from Sporting Club. The rest is history. Ronaldo remains one of the most major regrets of Arsene’s career.


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The interview with Morgan further delved into many other aspects. Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s persona and attitude have kept soccer fans impressed worldwide. Ibrahimovic’s bicycle kick goal outside the penalty box remains one of the most spectacular goals witnessed. What’s your favorite Zlatan moment? Let us know in the comments below.

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