“I Looked Him Dead in the Eye…”- IShowSpeed Tells the Story of Meeting KSI’s Girlfriend

KSI has always been discreet about his love life and refrains from revealing details about his romantic partner. But the enormous popularity that the streamer enjoys brings along a lot of fans curiosity around the same. While KSI’s girlfriend remains a mystery to date, fans finally have some details about her. The superstar entertainer, IShowSpeed in his latest stream, shared the story of meeting KSI’s girlfriend. 

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IShowSpeed and KSI have shared a long history of light-hearted banters online. Fans know both streaming icons for taking hilarious digs at each other, which are also seen on the field of every Sidemen Charity match. However, when it comes to meeting your banter buddies’ girlfriend, IShowSpeed knows the ‘bro code’ rules. In a cute story of Speed meeting KSI’s girlfriend, he revealed what makes the couple beautiful. 

IShowSpeed was left in awe upon meeting the couple and took a vow from both individuals


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Among all rumors and speculations surrounding KSI’s love life, IShowSpeed brought some insight into the community limelight. Although there’s not much the fans could get from his latest revelation, it would still count as massive progress to what the fans already knew. Now, all thanks to Speed, fans know that KSI allegedly has an Italian girlfriend. 

During a recent livestream, the latter candidly shared every detail of meeting the couple after this year’s Sidemen Charity Match. Followed by a prank on his audience about meeting KSI’s boyfriend, Speed hopped on to the real story.

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Seriously, I met KSI’s girlfriend. I was like ohh sh*t this is KSI’s girlfriend. I gave KSI a hug, I didn’t wanna hug his girlfriend because that’s disrespectful. I wouldn’t like hug his girlfriend. I have his girlfriend some dap,” he stated, addressing the Meet-Up story.

Speed’s interaction with the duo didn’t just end with a formal greeting. The streamer then claimed to have taken some promises from both of them individually. Adding on to the story, he said, I was like KSI bro, I looked him dead in the eye, listen bro keep her. And you wanna know what he said? He said, Bro, don’t worry.”


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The highlight of the story shared by Speed is the details he unveiled about the mystery woman. Nobody’s seen his girlfriend before but his girlfriend is beautiful. I swear to god. I think she’s like Italish, from Italy”, Speed added.

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Moreover, he mentioned how he also gave a harmless warning to the woman for not breaking KSI’s heart. The warning, however, seemed quite an intense disclaimer of the streamer duo’s adorable bond. 


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Well, it seems like he has given his approval. Hopefully, all the fans of the champion boxer will be introduced to the mystery woman soon.  

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