“I Never Applied to Any College”: Broke Tom Brady Was Mercilessly Snubbed in His Teenage Years

Almost 23 years ago, Tom Brady started his NFL journey being the 199th overall at the New England Patriots. The college years of one of the most incredible quarterbacks in the NFL weren’t really a smooth ride. Mainly because, Brady had to fight for his play time, and he was beneath six quarterbacks in the depth chart during his time at the University of Michigan. But his dedication to the game started taking shape at UM and his competitiveness only grew stronger.

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Notably, Brady’s tough years did not only start during his college days, even during his high school era, he faced a couple of rejections, before he decided to get into the University of Michigan. Despite the rejection, Brady recently talked about how he never applied to any colleges and was waiting on his chance to a scholarship.

Tom Brady chose University of Michigan at the end


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Tom Brady talked about how during his High School time, he used to get praise from the other schools for his great play. Well, the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB used to save these letters in a file folder as a memento. When his High School counselor asked him to start applying to colleges, when Brady stated that he wanted to get offered a scholarship.

He confessed, “I never applied to any college.” Then he also added how he got an offer from the University of California, Los Angeles but he was rejected as somebody else took their offer before him. A similar thing happened with his offer at the University of South Carolina, which was his dream college. They also signed a player who was a top recruiter on the West Coast at that time.

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However, by his third attempt, Brady knew where he wanted to go for his further education. Right away, after spending 2 days at the UM, Brady realized where he wanted to pursue his pro-footballer journey, and he instantly broke the news to his father.


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Tom Brady’s father was first to know about his decision

After being rejected from two Universities, Brady tried his luck for his admission at UM. So, when he entered the “big house“, his name was announced and right at that moment, Brady knew where he wanted to go for college. He said, “I walked through the tunnel at Midfield and they go, ‘From Sarah High School in San Mateo, Tom Brady.’ And I looked up and I was like, ‘I want to go to f***ing school here.’

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Well,. instantly, when he left the premises after two days, he rushed to the Detroit airport. From there, he called his father and then he said, “I go, ‘Dad I think I know where I want to go to college.’ And he’s like, ‘What?’ Leaving to all the way back to Michigan and he said, ‘Are you sure you wanna go?’ And I said, ‘Dad if I wanna be the best, I gotta beat the best and this is where the best are.’


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The rest was history, as through the University of Michigan he was drafted in 2000, and went on a journey to become the best QB of all time. What are your thoughts about this life story? Tell us in the comments section.

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