“I’m Ashamed” – Months After Exploding at Erling Haaland, Manchester City Boss Pep Guardiola Admits He Should Control Rage

In the Premier League’s opening fixture between Manchester City and Burnley, Pep Guardiola‘s antics once again became the highlight of the match. After the first half, Pep was caught fuming at Erling Haaland even though the striker had scored 2 goals. Pep later revealed the reason behind his lashing out on Haaland. But, it is not the first time that soccer fans have seen the Spaniard using such animated reactions. The Manchester City boss has now finally realized his mistake.

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The match saw Vincent Kompany’s Burnley being outclassed by the reigning champs of the Premier League. The newcomers are yet to register their first win in the league having drawn 1 and lost 3 matches in their opening four fixtures.

Pep Guardiola realizes his mistake


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Soccer fans are very well aware of Pep Guardiola’s vivacious and boisterous displays during his matches. The Spaniard doesn’t control his emotions and is known to be very straightforward to his players. In an interview with TV2, Pep shares more about why he is raging at times and also the reasons he needs to control it.

The Manchester City manager talks about his explosive nature and rage issues as he said, “I was the same as I am now as a manager. I act on instinct in the moment, I explode. I should control myself and have to take a few laps with myself. I’m ashamed. But it is as it is, says Guardiola.”

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Pep further adds to his comments as he said, “They know that I want their best. I feel that I have to give them a clear message if they are going to improve something. If not: What is the point of being here?”

Pep has good intentions but there are still concerns about such responses being negatively received by a player. Maybe Haaland would’ve felt wrong about being guided that way and what was it that exactly went down between the two during the halftime?

Erling Haaland is a good listener but Pep needs to control his emotions better


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Pep scolded Haaland due to his relentless demand for the ball. During the first half of the match against Burnley, Man City’s midfielders frequently lost possession. When Bernardo Silva opted for ball retention over attack, Haaland’s frustration led to Guardiola’s reprimand. Guardiola defended Silva’s choice to withhold the ball from Haaland in the game’s closing moments.

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However, Haaland is a good listener, he knows the manager’s intentions are good. Pep highlights this in the interview as he said, “He accepts it and copes with it very well. There are players who feel offended when you say something. Then you have to be more careful what you say. And then you have players where it doesn’t matter because they understand that I want the best for them.”


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Guardiola ends the interview by stating that he’s not stupid. He will not do anything to make it worse for the team. He does it to improve them, sometimes in a calm way, but at other times more energetically.

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