Is Islam Makhachev Married? Who Is the UFC Champ’s Wife?

The current UFC lightweight champ, Islam Makhachev, shocked the entire MMA community when he beat the noted Charles Oliveira at UFC 280. Most fans were of the opinion that ‘Du Bronx’ would get the better of ‘The Dagestani’ with his superb BJJ prowess. But, on that night, he hardly had any answer for Makhachev’s striking and sambo techniques on the ground. Most UFC fans know Makhachev as one of the best students of Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov, who is the father of the noted former UFC lightweight champ, Khabib Nurmagomedov. A large chunk of fans might also state that Khabib and Makhachev share a deeper bond than most siblings.

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Due to Makhachev’s association with Khabib Nurmagomedov and his camp, most fans view it as his primary identity. Hence, there won’t be many fans who have a thorough knowledge of Makhachev’s family or personal life. ‘The 31-year-old’ also likes keeping his public speeches limited to his UFC and fight affairs. Most fans might have never heard him talking about his life outside the UFC. This keeps them in the dark about his personal life. So let’s have a keener look to find out some more about his personal life.

When did Islam Makhachev get married?


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Not much is available about the Dagestani’s personal life but there are a few reports that talk about some of Makhachev’s personal affairs. Looking at his nature, a large chunk of fans might have thought that they would never get to know about his marital status. But a lot of them were taken aback when a 2021 video showcased Makhachev at a reception party.

Several fans also opined that it was his own wedding reception party. Well, they were probably right in their predictions. It is widely believed that it actually was Makhachev’s own wedding party. The presence of Makhachev and his bosom friend Khabib in gleaming suits also hinted that the occasion was nothing except the 31-year-old’s wedding itself. Further, the title of the YouTube video revealing this whole incident also read, “Khabib Nurmagomedov Attends Islam Makhachev Wedding…”

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Although the video came out on 9 March 2021. A large chunk of fans believe that Makhachev actually tied the knot a few days back in the same year. Another YouTube video that surfaced on 10 April 2021 clarified things even more. It showcased Makhachev walking with his wife who was totally covered in a White gown.


However, there’s no information in the public domain about his wife. Even though we aren’t sure about the date, the current exhibits may compel a lot of fans to think that Makhachev tied the knot somewhere in early 2021.

Does Islam Makhachev have kids?

Most UFC fans might already know that Khabib and Islam are similar in a number of ways. Apart from hailing from the same place and possessing a remarkably similar fighting style, the two have almost identical characters. But Khabib boasts a higher degree of fame than his teammate, which has subjected him to various questions about his personal life as well. A YouTube video by ‘MMA Leaks’ showcases ‘The Eagle’s appearance on a Russian talk show where he was questioned about his son.

However, owing to a lower popularity, Makhachev hasn’t received many questions like this to date. His private nature also might be a reason why reporters tend to avoid touching on this part of his life. But, the noted UFC interviewer, Megan Olivi, finally broke the speculations about this issue. She caught up with Makhachev for a post-fight interview where she herself revealed that the 31-year-old has a daughter.

Makhachev probably put out his emotions as a parent on camera for the first time in this interview. He said, “I can’t stop thinking about my daughter.” So all thanks to Olivi, we now know that Makhachev is also a loving father to his daughter. He might have more kids, but nothing can be confirmed about that since there are no reports detailing the same.

Islam Makhachev’s early life and family

Almost all UFC fans are aware of the fact that the current UFC Lightweight champ hails from The Republic of Dagestan, Russia. However, the place of his birth used to be called Dagestan ASSR, Soviet Union when he was born. Makhachev was born in the Makhachkala region of Dagestan, which is its largest city. But Islam doesn’t belong to the city. His native village, Burshi, lies in the mountainous outskirts of Makhachkala city.

But none of the reports detail anything about the members of his family. But, Makhachev has often been vocal about the years of his growing up. He has mentioned that he and his friends often got into fights with the Makhachkala city boys during their interactions.

He also stated how sustaining life in those mountains required immense “physical labor” every day. The Dagestani, proudly stated, “Hard Work is in our DNA”. But his life found a greater purpose when he met his bosom friend, Khabib, during his childhood years.

How did Islam Makhachev meet Khabib Nurmagomedov?

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Makhachev chose to leave his village and move to Makhachkala during the time of his adolescence. This is what brought him in contact with ‘The Eagle’ and the two started training in combat sambo from Khabib’s father, the late Abdumanap Nurmagomedov. Nurmagomedov, who had also migrated to Makhachkala from a village named Sildi, became the best of friends with Makhachev and since then they have done most of their training together.

In the 2021 video given above, Nurmagomedov says that he has known Makhachev for “20 years”. Most fans might say that Makhachev and Khabib both benefitted from their friendship massively. The former became a four-time Russian National Champion in Sambo after starting to train with ‘The Eagle’. Hence, fans can get a rough estimate that the two have been the best of friends after their meeting somewhere around 2001.


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This is probably the reason why a lot of fans see a different Makhachev in the octagon than the one who fights with ‘The Eagle’ in his corner. Do you think he will be able to get the better of Charles Oliveira once more at their upcoming UFC 294 encounter?

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