Is WWE Finally Considering AEW as a Serious Threat After Edge’s Return? Analyzing the Changes

Today’s pro wrestling scenario is totally different from what it was 10–20 years ago. Other than seeing the heroic character of their favorite baby faces, the fans also want to experience shows that are filled with intense wrestling maneuvers that could get them on the edge of their seats. Also, with so many promotions to offer different styles of wrestling, the fans have a boatload of options for their entertainment. With immense expectations from the current pro wrestling scenario, they have a lot of demand that needs to be fulfilled.

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However, two of the biggest promotions in the form of WWE and AEW are trying their utter best to make their fans enthralled. Their rivalry has ignited the wrestling world, ushering in a new era of competition. Especially after the entrance of Adam Copeland (formerly known as Edge) in AEW, tensions have been raised for WWE while competing with Tony Khan’s promotion. Speaking of competition, both promotions are going to collide yet again. How? Well, this Tuesday, the fans are going to witness an action-packed showdown from both promotions since we have WWE’s NXT, which will be colliding with AEW’s Dynamite. But it seems that WWE is giving it all to compete with its rival promotion.

Why did AEW  Dynamite shift to Tuesday?


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The battle between these two juggernauts has led to an exciting wrestling landscape. But looking at the current scenario, the battle is on the verge of getting even more intense. After a very long time, the fans will witness NXT and Dynamite colliding on the same day, which will be this Tuesday. Even both competitors announced a 30-minute commercial-free show which means that both shows will be airing without a commercial for the first thirty minutes. The reason is the inclusion of a sport called baseball in the equation.

Well, this is happening because the Major League Baseball playoffs match would air on TBS on that Wednesday night, and as a result, Dynamite will air on Tuesday, clashing with WWE’s NXT. Indeed, due to this significant competition, both promotions will have to step up their game, which will lead to better events and eventually help them hit the jackpot. But, having Edge on their side does AEW have an upper hand?

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WWE seems cautious ahead of the Tuesday battle

Months ago, Triple H revealed that Cody Rhodes never wanted to be a champion in the secondary promotion. In fact, he has wanted to be a WWE champion since his childhood days. But, looking at the recent turn of events, it seems that this so-called secondary promotion could be a reason to sweat for the WWE. It is crucial to note that the WWE has announced the presence of various bigwigs from its main roster to the NXT. The likes of John Cena, Cody Rhodes, Paul Heyman, and Auska are going to appear this week on the black and gold brand. Also in last week’s Smackdown, the promo that hyped the special episode of NXT ended up with a gong identical to that of The Undertaker.

Taking all this into consideration, it seems that the WWE is trying its level best to have its developmental brand stand in parallel with AEW’s premium brand to win this rating war.

With a plethora of huge stars against it, AEW Dynamite would showcase the hottest match advertised a week ago. Yes! It is the AEW wrestling debut of Adam Copeland, who will be taking on Luchasaurus on Dynamite. Well, having seen WWE load its third brand with major names, it could be apparent that AEW has been a wake-up call for its rival promotion.

AEW set the ball rolling during the Wednesday Night Wars

The fact is not hidden: WWE faced a serious challenge from a rival promotion on a weekly basis. It was during the time of the Wednesday Night Wars that AEW’s Dynamite competed with WWE’s NXT in a battle for Nielson ratings each week. Lasting nearly a year and a half, this war proved why competing with AEW put WWE in deep waters since the brainchild of Triple H was struggling to beat Dynamite in terms of rating.


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AEW used to raise problems for its rival promotion almost every week, and it eventually won. Winning the rating in both total viewership and viewership from the key age group (18–49), AEW forced WWE to move NXT to Tuesday nights, ending the Wednesday Night Wars. Back in April 2021, WWE and USA Network announced a multi-year extension for NXT, which would shift the show to Tuesday night. This startling news was then revealed by  Frances Berwick, who was a Chairman, of Entertainment Networks, NBCU.

He said, “We are incredibly proud of our three-decade partnership with WWE and in extending USA’s NXT deal, we are further establishing our portfolio as an unrivaled home for quality WWE content,” He continued, “By transitioning NXT to a Tuesday timeslot where WWE has performed well in the past, we are giving our passionate fanbase more of what they love with back-to-back nights of exhilarating, live programming.”


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All in all, history surely suggests that AEW dropped a bombshell on WWE during those war days. But, it should be crucial for WWE to forget the past and focus on the forthcoming NXT event to find a crack at the ratings. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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